What’s New At IKEA 2022 – NO Catalog Anymore

I’m a huge fan of IKEA. I don’t love everything in IKEA, but I appreciate their designers and how they manage to squeeze so much into small spaces. They are able to keep it fresh and affordable. Every year I look forward to their catalog, but they have discontinued it.

To see what’s new you have to go in person (which is my favorite way) or look online for the items tagged as “new” which is more than 1800 skus. I wanted to share my favorites with you and they can ALL be purchased online.

New Lighting

  • Bunkeflo white pendant – $29.99. This pendant comes in two different colors, white and beige.
  • Agunnaryd Pendant – This light has 3 lights and it’s only $89.99. I think it’s so unique looking.
  • Storslinga – This eight arm chandelier for $69.99. It his unheard of for a fixture with this many lights.

New Seating/Furniture

  • Linanas Loveseat – this chic loveseat comes in dark grey and beige for only $249. It comes in a larger size for $349, but I like the way the smaller one looks. This one also comes in an “L” shaped version.
  • Applaryd Loveseat – This one comes in 4 colors, a deep red, blue, light grey and dark grey. The metal legs and frame give this one a unique look. The red and blue are velvet-like fabric. Prices range from $799 to $899 based on the fabric.
  • Flinshult chair – This chair comes in dark grey, green, light beige and dark beige. The prices varies based on the fabric from $399 to $499 (which is pretty high for IKEA but the chair looks comfortable.

New Office

  • LAGKAPTEN / ALEX – This desk is a combination of two of the old pieces into one. The main criticism I have of IKEA desks is the lack of storage. This desk solves that problem for only $126.99. It comes in 5 color combinations. Caution, IKEA drawers do take a while to assemble.
  • HATTEFJÄLL Chair – IKEA office chairs are really durable. This one is nice because it has arms. It comes in four colors, pink, grey, cream and black. It’s not the cheapest chair, but I’ve been really happy with my other IKEA office chair.

Miscellaneous Other Finds

  • KNOPPÄNGA – Pre-made art gallery including the frames and the art for only $39.99. This is such a cool idea because the proportions and how to hang them are already laid out for you. If you want to replace the art with your own, you can.
  • HAUGA storage – This storage combination is so cute. It comes in white and grey. The whole thing is $367. All of the pieces can be purchased individually, but the combination gives it such a custom look.

Things I don’t like to buy from IKEA

While I LOVE IKEA there are some things that I don’t like to buy there. These include every day dishes. I bought a set of pasta bowls/soup/salad bowls and they have not held up well. They look like the finish has scratched off.

I don’t like to buy rugs from IKEA because their sizes are very limited. Keep in mind when you to go IKEA or go to order online, which is possible for everything. IKEA is having supply chain issues. Many of their popular items are out of stock.

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  1. Ethel Bartmess says:

    I am a handicapped person 83 years old. I love your catalogs as I can browse through them to find what I want , without all the problems of getting around. After I find what I’d like. I come to the store and get it. No catalog makes me unhappy…….
    P.S. I don’t have a computer either just a small cell phone.

    1. Ethel,

      I feel your pain. I hate that there is no catalog, too.


  2. Frances Campbell says:

    I would really like to see what you have in the way of all your kitchen cabinets but I cannot get it to load. I live in British Columbia, Canada. Thank you. P.S. I’ve had your cabinets for over 35 years and it’s time for a change.

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