How to Update Kitchen Lighting On A Budget

Do you want to change the way your kitchen looks without spending a fortune? Kitchen remodeling can be really expensive, but changing the lighting can make a big difference without a big price tag. See how you can update your kitchen lighting on a budget.

Most kitchens have a lot of lighting in the ceiling with can or recessed lights. Recessed lighting provides a lot of necessary task lighting which you need to prevent chopping your finger off. However, there’s a rule among designers that each room needs three types of light. Adding pendants and a chandelier to the mix can really spice up your kitchen.

If you are overwhelmed by the choices that are available, it can be easier to narrow them down by styles. You can read more about finding your design style here.

Consider Placement of Kitchen Lights

Any time you want to change out or add lighting that isn’t a lamp, you have to consider the expense of an electrician. You might not need an electrician if you try one of these two work-around options with your existing lights.

First, if you have recessed or can lights you can convert one or more of these fixtures to a pendant or chandelier. There are conversion kits available at home depot or on Amazon. Here is a great blog post that explains how to install a conversion kit.

Second, if you have a light fixture but it isn’t in the right spot you can swag the fixture over with a chain. For example, I have a ceiling fan right in the middle of my kitchen. I used the wiring from that light to install a chandelier with a chain that I swagged over my breakfast table.

Resources for Budget Lighting

The resources for lighting online are endless. My go-to sources for lighting are the following:

  • Shades of Light – I usually use this store as inspiration because often times the fixtures are too expensive for me. I can use the lights I like to search for something similar in the sites below. If you are looking for a small scale light, Shades of Light has some reasonably priced fixtures in their “mini” category.
  • Lamps Plus – Lamps plus has very reasonable prices and you can search by style, finish and price. This makes shopping faster.
  • Pottery Barn Teen – I really like Pottery Barn lighting, but the price tag is quite high. Pottery Barn Teen has less selection, but they have some really nice looking choices at reasonable prices.
  • Wayfair – Wayfair is a great place to look if you can narrow down your choices by finish (brass, satin nickel, etc.) and price.

Farmhouse Pendants and Chandeliers

Farmhouse style incorporates lots of white, reclaimed wood, baskets and slip covers.

When it comes to lighting, you see lots of wood and rustic looking metals. Imagine how much one of these beauties could warm up your breakfast table or island, all for under $200.

Traditional Style Pendants and Chandeliers

If your style is more traditional you probably like the look of antiques and rich color tones. Lighting a traditional kitchen has a more refined look. A traditional home is where you might see crystals on a chandelier or a simple elegant drum fixture.

Modern Style Chandeliers and Pendant Lights

Moderns lighting is all about metals, quirky or stark shapes and clean lines.

Coastal Style Chandeliers and Pendants

Coastal style kitchens have warm materials like baskets, wicker and lots of blue and white. If your going for a coastal look try out these lighting options to bring you kitchen to the next level.

These fixtures are all incorporate wood in some way, wood beads, wicker, driftwood, or blue and white.

Transitional Style Chandeliers and Pendants

Transitional style is the style for anyone who doesn’t fit into any one style category. If you like a little bit of this style and a little bit of that, like me, you can incorporate things from modern and traditional in the same room.

How to Choose the Right Size Fixture

If you are choosing a light for above a table the rule of thumb is that the light fixture should be 1/2 to 3/4 as wide as the table. For example if your table is 42 inches wide, look for a light that is between 21 and 32 inches wide.

Change your kitchen's style just by changing the lighting

Have you tried updating the lighting in your kitchen?

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