How to Put A Duvet Cover On Easily

Have you shied away from duvets because they are such a pain to take on and off? I went for years refusing to use a duvet for this reason. It’s impossible to get the darn thing in the cover and even when you do, it drifts to the bottom.

Here’s why I changed my mind. In Texas the summer is hot, and frankly it’s too warm to use a quilt. They make duvets now that are “cool” which means they aren’t very thick.

I love the way duvet covers look because they can give your bed that luxurious look AND now I can get different temperature inserts? That’s a game changer. I decided to dive head first into the world of duvets. Here’s what I ‘m sharing today:

Tricks for putting a duvet cover on

If you are like me you’ve tried stuffing the corners in and shaking, and shaking and shaking the cover trying to get it in the right place. You can work up a sweat doing it this way. Then I found a trick for how to do it without all that shaking.

It’s called the burrito method, but I’ve adapted it to add one step. Here’s how you do it and a video to walk you through the process.

  1. Turn the comforter cover completely inside out with the opening at the top.
  2. Lay your comforter on top of the cover.
  3. Put a safety pin clipping the top two corners to the duvet cover.
  4. Starting at the bottom roll the comforter and cover up to the top (see the video).
  5. When you get to the top take each top corner and push it back inside the opening.
  6. Unroll the comforter.
  7. Zip, velcro or button closed (depending on your cover).
  8. Shake once to smooth it out.

That’s it! If you found those directions confusing, be sure to watch my video where I show you how I do it.

Where to buy duvet inserts

If you have an IKEA in your town, it’s my favorite place to get duvet inserts (not the covers) that are inexpensive. They have the panels or squares (depending on the model you choose) to keep the stuffing from bunching at one end. They come in cool, light warm, warm and extra warm. For reference prices for queen size duvet insert range from $14.99 (unbelievable!) to $89 depending on the temperature.

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If you don’t have an IKEA here are some great deals on Amazon so you can get it delivered right to your door.

I don’t like to buy down because I hate it when the feathers start to poke through. Down is very soft but also very hot. I don’t recommend it unless you live somewhere cold.

Best sources for duvet covers

I purchased the duvet cover in the video I shared at Schoolhouse. I really like their bedding even though it’s very limited (and this one is no longer sold). I like West Elm and Overstock duvet covers.

how to keep duvet insert in place

Have you seen duvet covers where the insert bunches up at the bottom? This happens because the weight of the bottom that is hanging down pulls the comforter out of place. The trick is to put safety pins in the top two corners of the duvet.

Why does this work? You never see the insert sliding up, yet many duvet covers have ties at the bottom where you can clip the insert in. I like to clip it at the top only, but you can always put a safety pin in all four corners.

I hope you will try this the next time you wash your duvet cover and let me know if it worked for you.

How to put in a duvet cover

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  1. I totally stayed away from these too. they comforter always shifted inside, and sometimes I was literally crawling inside and fixing things. I love the video and tips… I might just have to give them another try.

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