Christmas Creep – Don’t get Sucked In

Do you resent the fact that Christmas decorations are up before Halloween is even over? It’s called Christmas Creep.

reject Christmas Creep

Retailers want to “make hay while the sun shines”, but Christmas has gotten so over the top that it takes away from how special the holiday is. At least that’s my opinion.

I remember the good days where no one decorated for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. I wish we could go back to those days. I learned that you can go back. You can just say not to the pressure of an over-the-top Christmas and enjoy your holiday without stress. Here’s how.

don’t decorate in November

I feel like I don’t even want to look at Instagram or my favorite blogs because it’s all about Christmas the minute Halloween is in the rear view mirror. What happened to Thanksgiving?

Join me in keeping Christmas special. I love Christmas decorations but they seem a lot less magical when they are around for two months. Resist the message that Instagram is selling. Not everyone decorates for Christmas in the beginning of November.

Adopt a Minimalist Strategy for Gifts

In my family I feel like everyone goes a little nuts with gifts. It’s to the point that kids are ripping open presents so fast that they aren’t even looking at them. This is not a joke. I watched for years as kids opened packages so fast that I bet they could not have named the last two things they unwrapped if I tested them.

I understand that giving is better than receiving, But I believe when we give less it makes the things we do give more meaningful.

My husband and I don’t exchange gifts. You might be thinking that’s crazy, but it’s actually a relief. He doesn’t have to worry about getting the perfect gift for me and I don’t have to try to figure out crazy thing he wants. This wouldn’t work for everyone, but neither one of us has “gifts” as a love language.

I make a Christmas list on one page of my planner. The only names on the list are children and grandparents. Most (there is one exception) of the adults in our family don’t exchange. This really cuts down my shopping and spending. Some families accomplish this by drawing names. I love this idea, but my family would never go for it.

Make a One page christmas to do list

I’ve seen the Christmas planners and one of my friends sells one that is amazing. But looking at a Christmas planner just made me feel anxious and overwhelmed. I really love Christmas. I’ve learned over time that for me that means NOT doing all the things.

Have you ever found yourself arguing with your husband on Christmas Eve because someone has to assemble all the toys and everyone is exhausted? I had this happen for one too many years. I want Christmas to be fun and not stressful.

How can you make this happen? Make a one page Christmas to do list and don’t do anything more. Make time the priority. Spend your time having experiences with your family, like choosing a family from the angel tree. Don’t spend your time on a long to do list of things that won’t drastically impact someone else’s Christmas.

For example, I have so many friends/family that spend hours (or days) making home made gifts for teachers and friends. If this is what your family loves to do, then it’s totally worth it.

If that is not what you truly enjoy doing, ask yourself if the receiver is really going to appreciate this gift or if it will just chucked onto the mountain of other stuff. This goes double for teachers who spend so much of their own money on things for their classroom. Do they really treasure your homemade _____ or would they really love a gift card to lighten their spending burden.

give yourself permission to relax

I feel you should put your own enjoyment on the top of the Christmas list just one year and see how it feels. Send a message to your children that it’s important to spend time together during this season. Time is the really most precious gift that we can’t get more of.

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  1. It’s great that you are being real about how you feel about the holidays! I’m still posting about Thanksgiving and cannot believe that there is so much about Christmas so soon. Unfortuatnely with the internet explosion it’s not just in the stores but it’s all over the internet too. I say just do you! I’m all about Thanksgiving so far and starting my Christmas diy’s next week. Hope your well.

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