Easy Fall Napkin Ring You Can Make in 10 Minutes

Welcome to Autumn in August if you are here from Happily Ever After Etc. I talk a lot about decorating and my crafts are pretty simple. Be sure to scroll through to the end to see all of the other autumn inspiration.

It’s so hot here that it’s really hard to think about fall, but I like to make simple napkin rings. This is a quick DIY project and one that’s an easy way to add a touch of fall to your dinner table.

Napkin rings are an easy way to personalize your place settings. You can make table decorations unique without spending a lot of money.

autumn in august

Napkin rings are also an easy thing to customize for each dinner guest, you can add a name or a different face in this case. This month I’m getting ready for a small fall dinner party with our new neighbors. This is a great idea for a quick Thanksgiving napkin ring, especially if you have lots of little ones.

Supplies Needed

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The leaves that make the best are ones that have recently fallen from the tree and aren’t yet brittle. I tried this with all kinds of different leaves.

Steps to Make

I love a simple craft that can be made in a few minutes. I don’t usually set a formal table setting; simple projects that don’t take a lot of work are the only ones I try. If you are doing an outdoor party, these can be used with fabric napkins or paper napkins.

The first step is to collect leaves from a Sycamore Tree, (I now know thanks to Chloe). My neighbor caught me collecting her leaves and thought I was there to cut down the tree. She said the city wanted to cut down her tree because it’s in the way of the sidewalk curb. I convinced her that I wasn’t going to harm the tree, but when I explained why I wanted the leaves I think she thought I was a little crazy,

I really like to use natural elements not just because they are cheap, and they are always what’s in season. If you collect fresh leaves and let them brown or newly fallen ones, they work best if they haven’t started to curl up. Pressing them overnight inside a book is a great way to flatten them.

After a day they are ready to be painted. Use a white paint pen to paint on the ears and a beard/muzzle. Next, use a black pen to paint on the nose and eyes. You can seal the final project with mod podge if you want to reuse them.

I didn’t use an actual napkin ring, I used ribbon. If you want something more permanent you could attach the leaves to plastic shower curtain rings using a hot glue gun. This step is optional. I tied mine onto the napkins with a piece of burlap ribbon. I don’t know that I will reuse them, but they are the perfect addition to my fall table.

Here are a few more DIY napkin ring ideas that are the perfect project if you’re a DIY novice like me.

  • Burlap bunnies.
  • DIY beaded napkin ring
  • Raffia napkin rings and
  • Ribbon napkin rings

Be sure watch this video of three easy projects using inexpensive supplies from the dollar tree. After you see one it’s easy to come up with your own creative idea using supplies you probably already have around the house.

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  1. Oh this is so cute Andrea, and I can just picture you out gathering up your neighbor’s leaves! 🙂 Thanks for the great inspiration, and thanks for hosting this hop – it’s always so much fun to share it with you!

  2. This is just the cutest idea for a fall napkin ring, Andrea! And I love that it is both easy and close to nothing to make. If you were my neighbor, I would give you all the leaves off my trees my friend. Thank you for organizing this hop.

  3. Andrea, these are SO cute! And I am laughing about the conversation you had with your neighbor about the tree~too funny. I would never have thought to do this with a leaf and they are just charming. Thanks for sharing! And always happy to be hopping with you.

  4. I thought these were just adorable the first time you showed me a picture of them! My granddaughters would be particularly fascinated with the cute little foxy faces! Sycamore trees are particularly bad about disturbing the sidewalks with their roots. I love making homemade napkin rings, I think they add such personality to a tablescape!

  5. This is such a sweet idea Andrea! I completely agree that using items found in nature is a great way to save money… and I am all about using cheap materials that save me money! I can’t believe your neighbor thought you were worried about taking down her tree just from you borrowing a couple leaves. Maybe after she sees your napkin rings she’ll change her mind and start painting all the sweet little foxes she can handle. Thanks so much for hosting the hop… it was a lot of fun!

  6. These are so super cute! I love that you made something with a leaf. I always say why am I buying anything when I could just use what’s free outside in the fall! “What does the fox say”. Thanks for organizing our fall hop.

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