How to Make Easy DIY Easter Table Decoration

It’s hard to believe that Easter is just around the corner. If you no longer have little kids at home, decorating for Easter can be more work than just displaying your freshly dyed eggs. Even if you do, sometimes it’s nice to have a table decoration that goes beyond dyed eggs. My eggs never turn out good enough to warrant public display.

I like to keep my holiday decorating pretty minimalist for every holiday. You can decorate for Easter and every holiday without keeping boxes and boxes of holiday decor. These Easter decorations are easy and inexpensive enough that anyone can make or buy them.

Total assembly time for this simple Easter brunch table is about 30 minutes. If you aren’t into DIY, skip the wood egg tutorial and go straight to How To Build a centerpiece below .

How do you make an Easter Centerpiece?

This easy Easter centerpiece is made with wood eggs and a vase of fresh spring flowers. The eggs are the home-made element of my centerpiece. The great thing about wooden eggs is that they don’t spoil so you can reuse them next year.

I found wood Easter eggs that I wanted to try to DIY. They are made with burlap ribbon, lace and yarn. A good centerpiece has different layers and heights. See the step-by-step instructions for building a centerpiece below the egg DIY tutorial.

Materials needed For Wood Easter Eggs

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How to Assemble wooden Easter eggs

Each DIY wood Easter egg only takes a few minutes to make.

  1. Start by cutting the ribbon to the size that fits around the largest part of the egg. It works faster if you cut all the ribbon at once for all the eggs you plan to make.
  2. Warm up your glue gun and put a strip of glue around the circumference of the wood egg.
  3. Stick your ribbon or lace to the glue
  4. Add a raffia, yarn or twine band to the outside of the lace. I like to loop it around several times.
  5. Move on to the next egg. It looks better if you mix up the combinations of lace, ribbon and ties. If you have one that’ doesn’t turn out, don’t despair. You can pull all of the ribbon and lace off and start again. I messed up one egg and it only took a few extra minutes.

How to build an Easter Centerpiece

The three elements of a good centerpiece are: 1.) different heights 2.) layers of color and texture 3.) something alive. It doesn’t have to be alive, but something that adds an element of life. This can be real or fake flowers or greenery or both. It can even be a lit candle.

Height – To get some height to your table you can use a vase with flowers or greens, a cake stand or candle sticks. You can also get creative and use boxes covered in seasonal paper, risers or lanterns. For Easter since it’s a breakfast I used a cake stand. Make sure you centerpiece isn’t so high that people can’t see each other across the table.

Layers – To get a layered look you want to begin adding in different textures and colors. A few ways to do this are with a table runner or table cloth. Fabric can brings in spring color and pattern. You can also add texture with greens that lay on the table and a seasonal elements, like branches or eggs (for Easter).

Something Alive – Most rooms in general look better with something alive in them. They look more interesting with a plant, flowers or some element of nature. Candles can fill this requirement if they are lit because the flame provides the same warmth that plants add to a space.

Think of your centerpiece like a sandwich. A really good sandwich isn’t just turkey and bread. It has lots of different ingredients that make it more interesting. A turkey sandwich with mustard, cheese, lettuce, tomato and avocado is much more delicious looking and it tastes better. Maybe I’m just hungry and that’s why this comes to mind.

I didn’t have a table runner, but I had some Eucalyptus leaves that I layered under the cake stand. On top of the cake stand, I put a small bunny vase with fresh spring flowers. This adds another color (pink and green) and texture, and it also fulfills the “something alive” criteria. For Easter adding moss to the table is always fun way to get something green and alive.

I borrowed an Easter bunny vase but I found some adorable spring vases on Etsy that were inexpensive. One looked possible to make with a mason jar and some paint. These are my favorite centerpieces for Easter table decor, along with the one I borrowed.


  • Rabbit vase from ArtandtheGarden – It is affordable and comes in three colors, white, grey and pink.

How do I Decorate My Easter Table?

Now that you have an Easter centerpiece idea, you’re ready to set the table. These are the essential elements of a table setting for any occasion.

  • Foundation – Table cloth, table runner, place mats or a chargers make a good base for your table. I didn’t have a spring table cloth or runner, so I’m using natural place mats similar to these from IKEA.
  • Dishes – I like to use white dishes for every holiday as the main dish and add in accent dishes that fit the occasion. For Easter I am using white square dinner plates from Crate & Barrel (mine are old but these are similar white plates). My accent plates are pink hexagon plates from IKEA (but there are some pretty ones at West Elm.
  • Napkins – I like to use white napkins because they are so easy to bleach when they get stained. I am using white linen napkins (these aren’t available) but I like these from Amazon. I made napkin rings out of burlap ribbon and raffia ribbon. I added a small flower to tie in my my centerpiece.
  • Flatware – I have a set of silver plate silverware that I bring out for holidays. I like to use it because it looks old. You can find similar deals for silver flatware on Ebay, Etsy or your nearby antique store (but probably more expensive). You can find a place setting for around $6 each, which is not bad something that looks vintage.
  • Glassware – Since this is an Easter breakfast, I am just using simple jelly jar glasses for juice.

Assembling Your Easter Table

Once you have your foundational pieces picked out and your centerpiece idea you are ready to set your table.

I set everything out a few days before I’m going to set the table so I can make sure everything is clean and my napkins are ironed. Do you iron napkins? That’s about the only thing I iron in my house, but I do iron my napkins. You can have everything ready to go and set up your table in just a few minutes.

How Big Should A Centerpiece Be?

The size of your table centerpiece really depends on the size of your table. If you are serving four, you don’t need as much in the center of your table as you do for eight. You want the size of your centerpiece to be proportional to your table.

I can’t say this enough time, make sure the height of your centerpiece is less than about 18 inches. From the bottom of your table up to your nose is your maximum height. Anything higher than that means that guest have to do a head dodge to see each other. This turns the centerpiece into a distraction instead of a complement to your table.

When Can I put up Easter Decorations?

You can set up your table as early as you want. If you have fresh flowers in your Easter table decorations, don’t set it up more than 4 days before Easter so that your flowers stay fresh.

If you are entertaining a large crowd for the holidays, start earlier. I consider anything large if it doesn’t fit around my everyday table. If your table normally seats eight and you are expecting ten people, start setting up your table a few days in advance. Serving large groups requires a larger scale centerpiece and more time to set the table. If you are using flowers or anything else that needs to be fresh, save that part for the day before or day of.

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