St. Patrick’s Day Table

I used to dread St. Patrick’s Day, but this year I’m ready for it. When I owned a B&B in Uptown Dallas it was in a neighborhood with lots of bars and restaurants. It was a fun neighborhood to walk to everything, but St. Patrick’s Day was crazy because the drinking starts early. There’s a parade at 10 am and the party continues until evening.

St. Patrick’s Day Table Place Settings

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I’ve seen so many cute tables with those grass table runners so I decided to get one this year. Warning before you buy one of these – they are very messy! It’s cute as a st patricks day table runner, but not sure it’s a keeper. Definitely won’t be using this often, it leaves grass all over the floor.

St. Patricks day table

After the winter we had I’m so ready for Spring. I decided to use a table setting with pink salad plates on top of white dinner plates. I borrowed my mom’s silver goblets. I found similar ones on Poshmark for $50 (this is my new favorite place to shop). You can also find similar ones on ETSY.

I ordered some cotton green napkins from Amazon. I love the softness and thickness of these 100% cotton napkins. A great way to bring some spring to the dining room table is to add faux plants or dried herbs. I added sprigs of rosemary and green ribbon as a napkin ring to add a st. paddy’s day flare to my table decorations.

For the centerpiece of my saint patrick’s day tablescape, I used some gnomes. We have a lot of garden gnomes because we used to carry a full line of gnomes (including an Elvis gnome) in our gardening store. These two are small enough for the middle of the table. Is it bad luck to take them out of the garden? A lot of our landscaping is already dead due to the 100-year freeze so I guess I’m safe.

If you try to find garden gnomes today the chances are that you will find a bunch of pretty tacky ones. I guess gnomes are having a moment, but I’m not a fan of these modern gnomes.

Saint Patricks Day table

Here are a few other st. patrick’s day decorations you can add to your dining table. You can find plenty of decor for your st. patrick’s day tables at your local craft store, hobby lobby, party city, or dollar tree.

  • Pots of gold filled with white flowers.
  • Small shamrock wreaths or a shamrock garland
  • Leprechaun hats.
  • Mason jars filled with chocolate coins.

Now it’s time to see the rest of the Saint Patrick’s Day tables. Enjoy!

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  1. Very pretty Andrea! I have a moss runner that sheds too 🙂 I love the ribbon tied pretty napkins and the silver goblets are gorgeous. My favorite photo is the one of your “photo bomber” sweet pooch! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  2. Nice look, Andrea! No worries of any bad luck with gnomes out of the garden, the garden is right there on the table! That’s a super cute look with those guys perched on the vintage box, and the napkins are a nice look too, especially with your black chairs with b&w striped seating. You are so right about that runner though, lol. I’ve had one for a few years, and storing it is just as bad as using it! When you fold it, it loses its coverage in the creases. Very happy to be joining you and get better acquainted. A B&B in the Dallas area? I did not know that!

  3. Andrea, I’m happy to hear that you St. Patrick’s Day will be a quiet one. All that noise late in the evening would do me in as well.
    Even though the grass runner is a messy business, it still looks wonderful and sets the tone for your table. Adding that little bit of simple pink in the plates makes for a nice twist to a traditional March table. I’ve always enjoy this color combo.

  4. Andrea, I love the charming simplicity of your holiday table! I know what you mean about those grass/moss runners — messy, messy! I used one of Easter several years ago and I swear I’m still finding flecks in the dining room. But, it sure looks nice, especially with those adorable gnomes. I’ve let the latest gnome craze pass me by, but yours look vintage and are very special. Leprechaun cousins not doubt! Really crushing on those silver goblets — oh my! Great for Mint Juleps on Derby Day if your mom will let you hang onto them for awhile. Thanks for joining my first ever hop, with not a lot of notice either. Happy to have your stylings part of the group.

  5. Your mossy runner is the perfect base for your St. Patrick’s tablescape. The cloth napkins rolled and tied with the added touch of greenery is a nice way to finish them. I love using cloth napkins even for everyday. That has been something we have done since our kids were little. Your centerpiece is so creative, and to think, you had the little gnomes outside already! The one really looks very much like a leprechaun to me!

  6. Calypso in the Country says:

    Pretty table! I love those silver goblets and the way you decorated your napkins. And what a fun runner! I always wondered if they’d get messy…it looks great though! As always, it was great to hop with you. I love your style!

  7. Love your tablescape Andrea. I have a son in law who collects garden gnomes and I have not been a fan but yours are vintage for sure and classic. I believe we have all tried the grass runner at one time or another and it is definitely a love/hate relationship. LOL
    Your table is very pretty with just the right touches. The silver goblets are especially nice and I love Etsy and Ebay. I’ve completed many sets of just about anything and everything through those sources.
    Have a happy St. Patrick’s Day!
    Kari @ Me and My Captain

  8. Love the mossy runner and the addition of your cute gnomes at your table! I can attest to the messiness of the runner, I have one that I only use for a table on the porch so I can sweep up easily after I use it. : ) It’s a treat to hop with you again. Happy St. Paddy’s Day. ♣

  9. I like how your vintage gnomes are keeping watch over your cute table! I had to smile and agree with your disdain for the shedding moss runners. I love the looks of them, but they aren’t the easiest, I set my table with the vacuum cleaner next to me! Your puppy is adorable! Have a great St. Patty’s Day!🍀

  10. Such a lovely festive table! I love the gnomes! Yes, those grass runners can sure be messy, but I think they are worth it. It really looks great on your table! My favorite is the silver cups with the hint of green with the fresh mint! I live in a University town, and St.Patrick’s day is very much a rowdy, boisterous occasion! I am happy to spend it quietly with a toast to my Irish heritage!

  11. Andrea, your table is so elegant and awesome. I love the touches of green and it’s so festive. Thanks for sharing!

  12. After our long winter, this is inspiring. Especially because I married an Irishman! Our family has been known to be in the St. Paul Patty’s Day Parade! I have silver low goblet’s that Greg brought back from overseas years ago when on an Air Force trip. I’ll have to get them out for the festivities!

  13. Andrea, I’ve never worked with a grass table runner, but I can imagine that it makes a mess. I love the texture it adds to your table along with the jute placemats. The gnomes look like leprechauns and make a perfect centerpiece! That was smart to elevate them on the wooden box. The green and white striped napkins are a nice touch with the rosemary tucked inside. Love the photo of your pup, too. So cute! It was fun hopping with you. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  14. Look at you styling a pretty table! You are so right about modern gnomes, but yours are just perfect for St. Patrick’s Day!

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