4 Things to Change Your Bedroom Fast

Do you want to upgrade your bedroom on a budget? I like to change the decorations in my bedroom more often than I want to change the furniture.

Today I’m going to share the five things that I like to change out in my bedroom that can give it a completely different look without changing any of the furniture or painting the walls.

And I’m going to give you four bedrooms where I change these four things.

Add A Rug

First thing you’re going to want to do in your room is add a rug. This is true whether you live in an apartment or a house, and even if you have carpet. I love this one from Boutique rugs.

I use affiliate links so I can afford to keep doing this. Hope it saves you time. See my disclosure policy.

I love to put a really great rug in every bedroom. Don’t put a small rug. If you have to go for a less expensive rug, a bigger rug always feels a lot more luxurious in a bedroom.

Add Window Coverings

The second thing is drapes in a bedroom. I like to layer them. Not just because you want to block out light, but these things bring a lot of texture into the room that make it feel a lot more cozy.

bedroom curtain

Add Lighting

The third thing is lighting. Lighting is one of those things that we overlook almost always. Every room needs to have three sources of light and that doesn’t count what’s coming in the window.

bedroom lighting

Those three lights can include overhead lights, sconces, floor lamps. You’re going to see in these examples what a big difference just changing out a few light fixtures can make.

Add Art

The fourth thing is art, and art is one of the hardest things to pick out because it makes a statement about you (at least for me it’s the hardest thing to choose).

There’s some great places now where you can find art on a budget and you can even get inexpensive art framed on a budget like Minted, Society6 and ETSY.

A hack I like to use is I put in the colors that I want use in the search bar. For example, “blue framed art”. Then I see art that looks cohesive with my color palette.

Add New Bedding (Maybe)

And the fifth thing is Bedding, and that’s a bonus because a lot of times I just keep my bedding the same.

white bedding

For a similar bed, see this one at Serena & Lilly or this one at Pottery Barn.

If it’s neutral, if it’s cream, if it’s a solid, you can change everything else out in the room and still use the same bedding. But if you find some bedding that you love, that’s another great way to change up the look of your room.

Four Examples of Bedrooms

I’m going to show you just how changing these five things In fact, really just changing these four things can give your bedroom a completely different look.

Starting point

You’ll notice in these bedrooms that the furniture is going to stay completely the same. I chose a really simple bed so I can illustrate just how much these other four things can change the way the room looks.

Blue and Cream Bedroom

blue and cream bedroom

In this first room, I let the rug set the color palette. Then I used a brass lamp and a brass chandelier.

On the windows, I layered cream drapes with bamboo shades and I used a piece of art that was cream and blue. I did add a new duvet cover with fabric from Spoonflower.

Green and Gold Bedroom

green bedroom

In the second bedroom, the color palette changed to green and a gold color. There’s dark velvet green curtains, black floor lamp and nd black sconces. The rug is what I use to set the color palette.

The artwork is black and neutrals.

Pink Bedroom

pink and blue bedroom

Third room is a pink and blue color scheme. I’ve got pink velvet curtains. The color palette again is coming from the rug. It’s a beautiful cream and pink. I used a rattan floor lamp and some brass sconces and the artwork picks up the blue in the rug.

Neutral Bedroom

The last bedroom is all neutral. I’ve chosen a cream wool rug for the floor.

neutral bedroom

There’s a wood lamp. There’s a simple cream shade on the window. There are two black sconces and the artwork is also neutral. What I want you to notice from these four rooms is that they all look completely different. They’re the exact same room with the same bed, but they all have a completely different look and making your room look different.

It doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy all new furniture. You can just change the rug, the lighting, the window coverings. and a new piece of art and you can have a completely different look to your bedroom.

Check out my video where I show you how to do this for yourself in Canva.

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