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Are you in search of a large piece of art with lots of color? Vintage travel and advertising posters are full of color they can really make a statement. They can also serve as a memento from places you have been or want to go. I really love vintage posters from Italy and France, because I love to go there.

You probably recognize some of the famous artists like Leonetto Cappiello in the posters below. These artists were famous for their bright colors.

Posters can be a good way to get a large piece of art without spending a lot of money. There are lots of vintage posters about food and wine, travel and fashion. The authentic ones that aren’t reproductions can be very expensive, but the prints look just as authentic.

Favorite Places to Find Vintage Posters

1.) The Vintage Poster

The place with the largest selection of real (actually old posters and not reproductions) is The Vintage Poster. This store has an amazing selection and more information about artists and how to preserve the posters than any other place.

Below are two of my favorites. Prices can range depending on size for $50 to thousands each. The Gruau poster below was $198 for a 15.5″ x 26″ serigraph.

The posters at the Vintage Poster are Serigraphs, which means they are silk screenings. A serigraph is higher quality than a lithograph and the price reflects that. The original prints are acid free archival linen backed.

2.) Poster Passion

They Vintage Poster shop also has a reproduction poster site called Here you can find the same types of posters, but reproductions. In fact, it’s the same owner as the Vintage Poster, but here they post their non-original reproductions and the price points are lower.

As a side note, the original of the margarine poster is $6900.

3.) Great Big Canvas

Despite the name of this site, it is possible to get prints instead of large canvas art at Great Big Canvas. I prefer framed art, but if you are looking for something light and easy to hang, you could choose canvas instead.

The prices at Great Big Canvas are low and because the art is printed on demand you can choose the size you want. Many of the prints are only $24.99.

4.) Etsy

Etsy is one of my favorite places to buy everything like art. The one thing you have to watch out for is seller reviews. Unlike Amazon, when you review a product, it’s really a review of the seller and not the actual product. Therefore, never buy from a seller who has less than four stars.

For example, Archiveprintco has five stars. This seller has two sizes and you can buy the prints framed or unframed. In addition to vintage posters they also have framed patents and old newspapers.

5.) Ebay

Ebay is a fun place to look but the prices are high relative to other places to find authentic posters. The best way find a poster on Ebay is to be very specific with your search. For example, if you search “French vintage poster”.

You have to be careful on Ebay to check the size. Even though it says poster the art could be small.

Framing Large Art On a Budget

While I love the look of a huge colorful poster, the cost to frame it can be more than the artwork itself.

Part of what drives up the cost of framing is shipping. I recommend framing locally if it’s possible to avoid the premium.

If you can’t find a local framing option I like these budget options for framing large art. For reference, the poster I bought was 15.5″x 26″.

Framebridge has a service where you can send in art and they will frame it and send it back. The cost to frame the poster with a mat is $179.

Frameiteasy will send you a custom frame to your specifications. You can choose the mat (or mats), and regular or non-glare acrylic. The cost for a 1″ mat and black wood frame is $70.47.

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Have you purchased any vintage posters? Send me a photo, I’d love to see it.

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