What’s Your Style? Take the Quiz

Have you ever bought a piece of furniture or decor, and when you got it home thought, “What was I thinking?” I’ve got a quick style quiz for you to prevent that buyer’s remorse. 

It is a good idea to know your style (or styles) before you start shopping for the space you’re trying to decorate. Identifying the style or styles that you like best can help you to buy pieces that fit that aesthetic. You don’t have to have everything match in one style, but it CAN make your space look more cohesive.

See which one of these styles appeals to you from the list below. This is an exercise that I like people that I work with to take. The results give us an idea of the target that we’re aiming for. Let’s get started. Let me know in the comments any style that I missed.

1. Coastal Style

First let’s start with a popular one: Coastal. If you think “Coastal,” you think Serena and Lily. That’s another way to do it. Look at a retailer to see, “Oh, okay, my style must be Coastal because I love Serena & Lily.”

example of coastal style room

2. Cottage Core Style

Number two is Cottage Core. If you like this style, you probably like antiques and vintage decor.

Cottage Core Style

3. Industrial Style

Number three, let’s go the complete opposite end of the spectrum: Industrial. If I was going to think of a retailer, I might think more like CB2.

Industrial Style room

4. Traditional Style

Traditional style is a classic. This style might be something you like if you love Ballard Designs. Ballard is a retailer that has a lot of traditional pieces.

example of Traditional Style room

5. Transitional Style

Next, is Transitional and it is close to Traditional style. There are a lot of different retailers you can go to for Transitional. By definition, Transitional is a combination of Traditional and Modern. For example, to achieve this style you might take a few items from Ballard and a few from Restoration Hardware.

example of Transitional Style room

6. Japandi Style

Japandi is a fun style. This is more of a minimalist style. It’s similar to kind of a Scandi style. The difference is this style infuses a lot of Japanese elements.

Japandi design style

7. Maximalist Style

Maximalist is a style that’s also popular right now and is sort of in response to a minimalist Japandi. This style is when you like a lot of color and art. You like your space to feel packed with a lot of elements.

maximalist style

8. Bohemian Style

How about Bohemian? This is a Bohemian space. If I was going to pick a retailer that goes with this style, I would say Anthropologie.

example of Bohemian Style room

9. Dark Academia Style

Next style is Dark Academia. Ralph Lauren is a retailer that goes with this style.

example of Dark Academia Style

10. Organic Modern Style

The last is Organic Modern. This is kind of an update to the Farmhouse style. It’s a little bit more modern and not quite as rustic as Farmhouse.

Organic Modern Style design example

One thing I want you to notice when you’re looking at images to figure out your style is why you are drawn to the images. If you like the same images, just be sure what you’re drawn to in the image are furnishings, artwork, textures, and fabrics, and not architecture.

I’ve found that we can all fall for architecture easily. We can be drawn to images that have amazing windows and big fireplaces. In reality, our house is never going to look the same because our home or our apartment doesn’t have those architectural features. Make sure what you like about the space is what is in it and not the actual space itself.

Now that you have an idea of what your style is, it’s time to work on a mood board to help you with a room that you’re decorating. I’ve got another post that talks about how to pull together a mood board, which can actually save you money if you’re working on decorating a room. It saves money because you don’t end up making those mistakes where you buy something, and you get home and think, “Oh, what was I thinking?” Be sure to check out that post.

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