Decorate A Chandelier

If you’re visiting from Purple Hues and Me, welcome. Decorating a chandelier can be a great way to elevate your table. You can decorate a chandelier in so many different ways, and how you choose to do it will depend on your unique chandelier.

This DIY is meant more for chandeliers that are above dining tables vs those that hang in high places. It’s more difficult to decorate a chandelier that is hard to reach. I like to decorate the ones that hang above a table because it’s easier AND I don’t have to get on a tall ladder and bend backwards.

decorate a  chandelier

Today’s project is part of this month’s Craft DIY hop. Be sure to read to the bottom to see all of the other inspiring projects.

Ways to decorate a chandelier

There are lots of ways you can embellish your chandelier. You can add garland, flowers, berries, ribbon, ornaments, crystals or even small twinkle lights.

The one suggestion I have is that your decorations be in proportion to the chandelier. You don’t want them to be too over powering, just complementary. I say this because I originally put a very large garland around my chandelier. When I got back on the ground and stepped back it was clear that it was too big. So I started over with something a little less bulky.

I decided to use a few loose pieces of greenery, some wood berries and plaid tailored bows (tutorial below). You can see my light fixture is slender, so something really bulky felt to heavy.

How To Make a Tailored Bow

A tailored bow is one that lays flat. You can make it with three pieces of ribbon. If you are making them for something like a light fixture, you want them to be the same size.

It’s best to make one the size that you want and then copy the dimensions.

Step 1 – Cut three sizes of ribbon: the bottom/base piece, the loop piece and the tie/enclosure piece.

Step 2 – Cut small pieces of command strip to adhere the ribbon together.

Step 3 – I kept my sample bow right beside me while I made the other ones so I could be sure the were the same size. Fold the loop piece over and secure it closed with a piece of command strip.

Step 4 – Fold the Enclosure around the loop and seal with another piece of command strip.

Step 5 – Cut the triangle out of the ribbon edges of the base piece.

Ste 6 – Lay a piece of command strip in the center of the base ribbon and lay the loop on top.

I attached the bows the the shades with a piece of double stick tape so they can be easily removed.

chandelier decorations

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If you are looking for more ways to dress up a chandelier, you might want to read this post about updating an old chandelier. You can also learn how to tell what size chandelier you need for your table.

Decorate a chandelier

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  1. Very cute idea, Andrea. We have a crystal chandelier in our dining room, this gives me an idea for our breakfast room for next year. Pinned so I’ll remember. Thank you for hosting and Merry Christmas.

  2. Andrea, your plaid bows are so festive–a perfect accent for the holidays through winter! Thanks for organizing the hop. Merry Christmas! Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  3. Hi Andrea, using pieces of Command strips and double sided taper are great ideas for making and attaching your plaid bows to the chandy shades, a great holiday touch! Thanks so much for hosting our group and I wish you Merry holidays!

  4. Andrea, I put up a new chandelier this year, and completely forgot to decorate it!
    Love your tips on decor and those plaid blue and green bows are the perfect touch for the shades.
    Thank you for hosting the hop, and wishing you happy holidays!

  5. I love how the tartan bow dresses up the chandelier! I’d never think to decorate above the table; it’s so festive!

    Happy holidays and thanks so much for hosting our hops!

  6. Isn’t it amazing the little touches we can do to our home for the holidays. Your chandelier is beautiful and tasteful, I love it and would probably leave it up all winter. Happy Holidays friend, and so lovely crafting with you.

  7. Andrea, I love to decorate my light fixtures; tying them into tablescape themes. I think of them as vertical centerpieces lol! Always love to see and be inspired by others. Genius idea to use double table to embellish the shades with bows! I’ve never thought to do that. You’ve really got me thinking of creating bows for Christmas and my other theme tables. Thanks for idea!

  8. Your light fixture looks so festive. I always wanted to decorate ours above the table. I need to do this. Pinned to remind me to do it next year.

  9. Such a festive touch for your chandy! Thanks so much for all your organ zing efforts on this hop. Merry December and Christmas to you!

  10. Andrea, what a great idea to add some holiday cheer to your chandelier! The little tartan bows are very chic! Thanks for the tutorial…I don’t have lampshades on our dining room chandelier, but I’d love to make the bows for embellishing gifts. Thank you for hosting the hop, and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  11. This is so pretty!! I’m in love with the idea of doing the bows!! It looks so perfect with the berries and greens too! Just lovely!!

  12. Andrea, Those little tailored plaid bows are SO cute! You did a great job adding some holiday decor to your chandelier! You can’t overdo that narrow fixture and what you added is just the perfect balance! Thanks so much for hosting this monthly hop! I hope you have a fabulous holiday…stay safe!

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