Modern Wall-Mounted Sinks: Perfect For Small Bathrooms

Do you have a bathroom that is too small for a vanity? I was looking for a sink for our office where the space isn’t really large enough to accommodate a vanity. I need something that is wall-mounted to make the bathroom feel larger (and no cabinet is a requirement for ADA).

I envisioned having to put the type of sink you see in a public restroom, but when I went to look I was pleasantly surprised. There are some modern and not industrial choices at a reasonable price. Just in case you are in the same boat, meaning you need a sink for a small space, I wanted to share my finds.

You will probably cringe at what we have now (pictured below). Did you know that by day I work in a warehouse and sell yoyos? You’re probably thinking, people still use yoyos? Yes, thank goodness.

Wall Mount Sink Options

I really hate the idea of a wall-mounted sink, but it’s a requirement for my bathroom. I’m going to keep the sink small and add storage next to the sink.

It’s important for planning your powder room or half bath to determine the sink AND faucet. There are many wall-mounted sinks where the faucet comes from the wall instead of being attached to the sink. This can be significantly more expensive to install because the plumber has to set up the pipes in exactly the right spot (vs a standard height). These types of faucets are also more expensive to buy.

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  • I LOVE this retro wall mount sink from Rejuvenation (although this requires a wall-mount faucet). It is $299 in 2021.
  • This small square sink from Rejuvenation is adorable with the black faucet. It is only 17 inches, so great for a really small space and it’s $510 in 2021.
  • This classic sink from Wayfair is no thrills, but a nice faucet could take it up a notch. It is $265 in 2021
  • has a large selection of wall-mounted sinks. I like this one. It is $259 in 2021.
  • This sink from Home Depot is a bargain at $77.
  • U-shaped sink from Wayfair is only $313.

Finding an Affordable Faucet

Most of these sinks are small and they have a single-hole faucet, which can feel more in proportion with a small sink than a three-hole faucet. I want something that isn’t the bottom line builder look but not more than $100. These three fit the bill.

  • has classic modern faucets. I like this one with any of the above sinks. This comes in several different finishes.
  • I have always had great experiences with Kraus faucets. This one comes in four different finishes.
  • The Moen faucet comes in four finishes.

Storage Solutions For Tiny Bathrooms

The main issue with a tiny bathroom is that there’s no where to put anything. You might not need a toothbrush in there, but you still need a place to put tissue, soap and toilet paper supplies. It’s the worst when you go to use a restroom and there’s no more TP and none in the cabinet.

IKEA always has great solutions for small spaces. I love this corner shelf for a wall-mounted sink. There’s a similar corner version that’s only $40.

There are still many more things I need to choose. Lights for one! The lights in my work bathroom are so terrible I’m embarrassed. I’ll share the bargain finds for wall sconces in an upcoming post.

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