Get The MOST Light From These Floor Lamps For Your Dark Room

Do you have one room in your home or apartment that is always dark? Most houses, especially older ones have this problem. There is sometimes a lack of overhead lighting and not enough plugs. Try using one of these four tips for lighting a dark room with floor lamps.

First, choose a floor lamp that uses more than one bulb. Second, go for floor lamps that accept high wattage bulbs. Third, get a floor lamp that bounces light off the ceiling. Fourth, if possible, avoid lamps with dark shades and directed spotlights, which are not as good for overall room lighting. I’ll explain more about each of these below and give some of my favorites that meet some or all of these criteria.

Best Multi-Bulb Floor Lamps

If you choose a floor lamp that takes 2-3 bulbs, it’s almost a substitute for an overhead light. Think of it like an overhead light on a stick. These are going to be more expensive, but you get a lot more light.

Watch out for multi-light fixtures that only take a candelabra bulb (the kind with the skinny neck). Candelabra bulbs DON’T have high wattage, 15 to 40 watts, which is not a lot of light. Many multi-bulb fixtures only take a fluorescent bulb, which gives off very blue light.

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multi-bulb lamps
  • This three arm lamp from Pottery Barn takes 3 – 100 watt bulbs and it has light-colored lamp shades. That’s a lot of light. A similar lamp at Target costs much less, but the total wattage of all bulbs has to be below 100. It comes with 800 LUMEN LED bulbs (which is equal to a 60 watt bulb). This is an example of how you have to check the details.

Best Lamps That Bounce Light Off Ceiling

If you want to get more light into a room, bouncing it off the ceiling is a great way to do that. This is no my favorite style of lamp, but it fills a purpose. This has the bonus of spreading the light around the room more than a lamp that just lights the immediate area around it.

  • This brass torchiere holds a 150-watt bulb.
  • This iron torchiere also holds a 150-watt bulb and has a pretty glass shade. You don’t have to use an Edison-type bulb.
  • This black torchiere is simple and basic, which is what I like about it. It could blend into any room and it holds 150-watt bulb.
  • This modern floor lamp takes two 75-watt bulbs. One shines out the top and one out the bottom.

Why Spot Lights Aren’t As Good For Dark Rooms

There are lots of spotlights out there with multiple bulbs, but generally these types of lamps are really meant for task lighting. For example, you shine the spot down on a book to read. They don’t like up an entire room as well.

Here are a few examples, of what I mean by a spotlight.

I hope these rules give you a few key things to look for if you have a dark room. Maximum wattage is king! If you’re using LED bulbs, that is Lumens instead of watts.

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