Mixing Antiques with Modern Decor Styles

This week I’m excited to be part of a hop all about vintage finds. You can see how others have used their vintage finds and even transformed them in creative ways. If you’re not the type who enjoys DIY projects, there is something for you too.

Making your home look and feel like it’s uniquely your style is all about balance and proportion. Each room in your house develops with time as you change the colors and textures. Incorporating old and vintage pieces in with your new and more modern pieces is a great way to add style.

My rule with buying anything for my home is, don’t buy it unless you love it. But if you love it and it’s at a flea market, don’t let it get away. Most things are one of a kind, and that’s what gives them character. You might go back and it will be gone.

ways to mix vintage finds with modern decor

  1. Use Vintage Chairs – There are so many great old chairs out there and they are usually inexpensive. You can find them at flea markets, garage sales and Facebook marketplace. Use them as a side table, a plant stand or just a regular chair. I found these chairs at a flea market and I recovered them in a modern fabric. It’s a great contrast to the traditional look with something edgier.
vintage chairs

2. Buy Old Prints and Reframe Them – There are so many old prints and paintings. You can give them a more updated look with a new frame. These tiny prints beside the mirror are small, old street scenes, but I reframed them with a new mat.

3. Display Collections in A Modern Piece of Furniture – My mom has an amazing collection of vintage dishes. She likes to change them every season. This is her spring display, but she puts them into an IKEA bookshelf. This is a great way to give a collection a more updated feeling.

You can see here she also likes to collect vintage artwork and use it on shelves.

vintage dishes

4. Use Modern Art with Antiques – This is a flip of the suggestion above for using vintage art. Instead, you add a piece of modern art to a room filled with vintage or antique furniture. It gives you a more eclectic style.

Can you mix vintage with modern?

Not only CAN you mix vintage with modern, but I think you should. Rooms where everything is the same exact style are less interesting. What makes a room feel more decorated is when there is a mix of styles. You don’t have to have a lot of modern if your style is traditional, or a lot of traditional if your room is modern, just add one piece.

Now it’s time to see the other creative flea market finds and upstyles.

Chas Crazy Creations – How To Paint with Chalk Paint

how to paint with chalk paint

Life At Bella Terra – Candlesticks to Lamps

Candle sticks to lamps

The House on Silverado – Farmhouse Sign Makeover

Kippi At Home – How To Sew A Garden Apron (from a Goodwill shirt)

Darling and Dapper Life – Farmhouse Bread Basket

Shiplap and Shells – How to Show Off Your Garden Flowers Using Thrift Store Finds

whisky barrel planter

Healthy Home and Heart – Thrift Store Bench Makeover

Grandma’s House DIY – Thrift Store Basket Makeover For Mother’s Day

If you like this post and you like flea markets, check out my flea market shopping tips.

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  1. Andrea, I love your suggestions of mixing vintage with modern. Your chairs (and that rug, not to mention the DOG!) are fabulous. You have such a great sense of style. Thanks for sharing and so fun to hop with you.

  2. Great tips, Andrea! I love those chairs you recovered. They look fantastic! Reframing old pictures is one of my favorite ways to decorate. 🙂 Always fun hopping with you!

  3. I just love your mix of vintage with modern, those little vintage touches add so much character to each space. Also, your chairs are stunning, I love the vintage shape mixed with the modern fabric; it’s so well done! Your mom’s china collection is beautiful as well, I am obsessed with old china patterns and think they pair so well next to modern elements. Thank you for sharing, I now have many more ideas on how to best use my thrift store finds! So fun hopping with you

  4. You always have such great tips and tricks Andrea. I love reading and learning from you. Thank you so much for sharing and wonderful hopping with you.

  5. Great suggestions, and I love to see how you have old and new blended in your lovely home. Thanks for sharing!

    Niky @ The House on Silverado

  6. I love mixing vintage with modern. It’s such a fun look. You’ve given me a lot of great ideas Andrea. I’m loving those beautiful chairs!

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