5 Outdoor Rugs From Target that You’ll LOVE in 2023

I purchased an outdoor rug from Target a few years ago and it has kept the look it had the day I unrolled it on the front porch. I even moved it to the backyard with no porch and it still looks great.

When I was in the market for another outdoor rug, I didn’t bother looking any place else. Here are my 5 favorite outdoor rugs from Target, three of which I use today.

When you buy an outdoor rug, don’t get one that is a solid color. Get one with a lot of pattern. Pattern helps to disguise when the rug gets dirty, and all outside rugs get dirty. Avoid rugs with lots of light colored sections, because your rug will look dirty more quickly.

Most outdoor rugs are made from polypropylene. This makes them very well suited to the elements.

Front porch Redo
  1. My new favorite is the blue striped Threshold rug. I just bought this for my backyard as we renovate it It comes in two sizes, 7×10 is only $120.
  2. .Santorini Outdoor rug– This one comes in blue and beige. It comes in lots of sizes. Safavieh makes high quality rugs.
  3. This diamond rug comes in blue and neutral. I have it in blue and it’s been on the front porch for years and in the backyard for a while, too.
  4. Wide strip rug. This rug comes in lots of colors, black, navy, red and turquoise. It also comes in several sizes.
  5. Blue Botanical rug. I like the idea of a botanical, but many of them are green. I don’t want a green rug and many of the botanicals are mainly green.

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Two Things to Avoid With Outdoor Rugs

This seems almost too obvious to say, but avoid outdoor rugs that have a lot of white or cream. This is outside and dust and dirt and going to get on your rug. Don’t get a rug that has a lot of light color to it. If you like neutral colors, aim for beige.

Don’t get a rug with tassels unless it’s going under a porch. I speak from experience. I have an outdoor rug with tassels. On my porch it was great. I moved it to the backyard for a while and the tassels acted as grass collectors. If the rug is going in an uncovered area It stays much cleaner looking if it has a straight edge.

What’s the Best Way to Clean an Outdoor Rug?

I’ve used three methods to clean off my outdoor rugs, depending on the time permitting and the weather.

For a quick fix, just sweep off any leaves or grass that make it onto your rug.

When the weather is warm, I use a hose to spray mine off. I’ve used a power washer if I’m power washing the porch. A hose with a sprayer attachment works just as well and it’s so much faster.

Let me know if you try an outdoor rug from Target. You’ll be surprised at how big of a difference a rug can make in your outdoor space.

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