Interior Design Trends: How to incorporate them in moderation

Do you like to see what’s new in interior design each year? You can get a preview of the latest design trends by looking at what was hot at the High Point Furniture Market. This is where designers go to see new furniture, lighting and decor in person before they order for clients.

Sometimes looking at the new trends is overwhelming. The tricky part about trends is deciding which ones fit your style. It’s a mistake to try to keep up with every design trend.

Choose one new style trend that makes you stop and think, wow I love that. Then use the tips below to bring your favorite new design trend into your home. You can embrace the trends in small ways that don’t require you to redecorate your entire home because who can afford to do that every year.

Color trends

Designers like to see what paint colors the big paint manufacturers choose for color of the year. This year Benjamin Moore’s color of the year is First Light, which is a soft pastel pink. Sherwin Williams’ color of the year is Naval, a deep navy blue. Pantone’s color of the year is also blue for 2020, True Blue, which is more of a deep sky blue.

At the High Point market there were lots of pastel colors complement the soft pink color palette. There were lots of pale blues. In addition to pastels, Paprika and Merlot were popular accent colors often shown with the pastels. For example, a pale pink wall color paired was paired with deep merlot fabrics.

There was a trend toward more color since neutrals have been so popular in the last few years.

How to incorporate color trends in your home

The idea behind these colors is obviously to paint a room or a wall, but you can use the colors in your home decor without repainting.

The colors that are popular change every year. Of course this doesn’t mean the colors you like will change, although they may change over time. It also doesn’t mean you should repaint rooms in your house to match the trending colors.

If you really like pale pink or navy, the best way to bring these colors into your space is through accessories. Don’t buy a large pieces of furniture in a trendy color because you will very likely grow tired of a large pink or navy sofa. Instead add an accent chair, pillow or a throw blanket.

Warm toned Neutrals (vs cool grey)

Neutrals have been very popular for many years. Grey has been THE most popular neutral tone. Grey can be a very cool color if it has a blue undertone. The trend in 2020 is toward warm undertone neutrals, with “bone” being the most popular.

Bone is a shade of cream, but it’s a little less yellow and more grey. The great thing about bone upholstery is that it can mix with greys and whites. It goes well with other neutrals.

incorporating warm neutrals into your home

Neutral furnishings are much less trendy in general and they tend to stay in style for longer. If you are in need of a larger piece of furniture, this is a trend to embrace. Another easy place to add bone elements is with rugs and lighting.

Curves are in style

Curvy furniture made a big splash at the High Point Market again. Curvier pieces were also popular in 2019, so it’s a trend with some staying power.

When you think curvy furniture your mind might go to a large curvy sofa, but you’ll see curves in large and small furnishing and even in case goods like desks and sofa tables.

how to incorporate curvy furnishings

It’s harder to add curvy furniture to your home unless you are really love the look.

An accent chair is an easy, inexpensive way to express your love for curves. Side tables and coffee tables are another budget friendly option.

Glam is back

The glam style hasn’t been as popular as designers moved toward more clean lines and neutral colors in the last few years. Glam goes hand in hand with the curves. You will see a lot of mixed metals and fewer rustic and industrial looking furnishings in 2020.

how to incorporate glam style

Glam style has a soft luxurious feeling. The perfect way to get that glam feeling in your home if you like this style is with mirrors. Adding a chandelier in a bedroom is another great way to add glam. Smaller scale chandeliers that you often see in a bedroom are also less expensive.

Rattan and Caned furniture

Everything old is new again. I have a set of caned chairs in my bedroom that are at least 30 years old. I inherited them from my mom, but it’s good to know that they are back in style. Rattan furniture is typically inexpensive and widely available. Caned furniture tends to be more pricey but there are some really modern looking pieces that have caning.

How to Add Rattan or Caned Furniture

Not to sound like a broken record, but you probably don’t want to fill your house with rattan and caned furniture. This is a trend best incorporated in small, affordable doses. You can add a pair of rattan chairs or some caned accent tables.

The reason I like this trend is that it brings in lots of texture and you can make it work with any color scheme or style.

Embrace home decor trends

You don’t have to love all of these trends, and you probably won’t. It’s best to focus only on the one that really grabs you. Adding just one piece can make your home feel up to date and in style. Moderation is the key to embracing interior design trends in any year.

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  1. I like how you mentioned that the glam style is becoming more popular. I’ve been wanting to get some new furniture. These tips will help me make my home a more fashionable place, so thanks for sharing them.

  2. I’d love to check out the High Point Market. Do you go every year? I’m going to feature your article on my Saturday Weekly Round Up tomorrow. It’s great!

    1. No I don’t go every year, I go to Round Top Antique Market every year. I’m so glad you liked it and thanks for the feature!

  3. This one is a really unique and refreshing post on interior design trends. The way you explained whether to go for the latest interior design trend or stick with an existing one is just class!

  4. It’s so interesting to read that using an accent chair, like the light gray one in the picture, can be an easy way to add a curve element to your home. My sister and her husband are wanting to redo the interior design style of their home to make it more modern. I’ll have to tell them about this trend and hope they can find a good home furniture store to help them achieve their new look.

  5. Really enjoyed your summary of the highlights for 2020 and your idea of picking one new thing to incorporate into your home. I just found your blog in Pinterest!!! I’ll be following you for more tips!

  6. I was interested when you brought up that curvy furniture is a rising trend in 2020. Recently, I’ve been thinking of ways to differentiate my upcoming house project from all the classic and rigid-looking designs that my family has for their houses since I was never a fan of those kinds of designs. These tips you gave on how to incorporate curvy furnishings definitely helped me out, so I’ll make sure to use them when I find a home building company I can talk to.

  7. All of these interior design trends are modern and sophisticated. These ideas will help me make my new home more beautiful and contemporary.

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