Window Inserts for Single Pane Windows

Is your house old, drafty or noisy?  Our new house is all three.  The original 1920s windows are single pane and we live on a fairly high-traffic corner.  This is bad news for temperature and noise control.

After a few sleepless nights I went in search of noise control for windows.  I wasn’t sure what I would find.  As it turns out, there were tons of options.  However, after clicking through to numerous sources I narrowed it down to these two brands: and

I wanted to share my thoughts on our Indow Windows because they are so great.  Did you know this kind of thing existed?   These inserts are a great way to preserve the old windows in your house and get the benefits of newer dual pane windows.

How To Get Window Inserts

1.) Call them up – I can’t speak to similar window inserts because I was totally sold on these windows once I read about them and talked to a representative.  The rep I talked to was very knowledgable.  It wasn’t at all like the experience you have with most customer service people on the phone.  They will explain all of the steps and get the process started.

2.) Measuring your windows – Indow sends you a laser measuring tool to measure your windows.  They take a pretty sizable deposit to send you out the measuring kit, but it’s worth it.  You must measure the width at the top and bottom, the length at the right and left and both diagonal measurements.  Fortunately, they also send you a tool to help you identify which step of your window sill will hold the insert, minimum 5/8″ depth.

3.) Address any problems – When I measured my windows and inserted the measurements onto their web site I got an error message.  The diagonal measurements were not equal, they were off by almost an inch.  I called the rep, who was so helpful at helping me figure out which ones would work best for me.  He connected me with a measurement specialist who asked me to take a photo of my window with a right angle.  My problem is that my windows are large and not square.  This is pretty common for most older homes.

4.) Complete the online measuring tool – Be sure to clearly label each window.  For example, we had two windows, master bedroom left and master bedroom right.  Once you input your measurements you can place the order.  My windows were flagged as being an exception, just because they weren’t square.  I just had to confirm the measurements were real and submit.

5.) Install the windows – The windows came in a large but well packed box.  I saw that they came with safety latches but since my bed is up against the window, there is not chance of these falling out.  They also fit so snugly I can’t imagine that being a problem.  We just pressed them in from bottom to top and presto!  It was a one man job.  They just press right in.


These window inserts were fairly expensive because we got the acoustic grade.  The total cost was approximately $497 per window for the acoustic grade insert, but much cheaper than replacing the windows. 

My windows are large.   The sound difference was HUGE!  After outfitting our master bedroom I’m saving up for all the other rooms in our house.  The cost is much lower for the standard grade, which I later ordered for the other bedroom in our house. 

Keep your single pane windows but make them batter

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  1. Tom Ahlers says:

    We opted for double glazed interior storm windows, which I believe are so much more energy-efficient, we have a 1-inch dead air space between the 2 layers of film and the frames are incredibly sturdy utilizing 1″ x 1″ roll-formed aluminum. We ordered these from a company in Wisconsin called Energy Wise Mfg.

  2. Andrea, I just heard about Indow windows from a sound engineer we hired for a zoning case. This is a great article especially for our family room which has original 100 year old windows.

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