DIY Christmas Curtain For Your Kitchen

If you’re like most families, you spend a good amount of time in your kitchen during the holidays. A quick Christmas curtain can be a great way to add a seasonal touch to your kitchen. This type of panel curtain can be hung behind your kitchen or in a door.

I’ve made this easy DIY kitchen curtain before here. It was so quick that I decided to make another one for Christmas. You can make it in a few hours with just four straight seams on your sewing machine.

This curtain is made with two coordinating fabrics. You can see both on the finished curtain because you pin the edge back.

Supplies Needed To Make Your Holiday Curtain

Choose two fabrics that complement each other but are different patterns. I chose a holly fabric from Spoonflower and a red ticking. Choose one fabric to be the front-facing fabric and one to be the back. You will need a little bit more of the back fabric to get the header.

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To determine how much of each you need first measure the length and width of each window. Then follow this formula.

  • Width of window + 1 1/2 inches. Both fabrics are the same width
  • Measure the distance around your rod (in this example it is 2 1/2 inches)
  • Back Fabric = Length of window + length around the rod + 5/8 inches + 1/2 inches
  • Front Fabric = Lenght of window + 5/8 inches + 1/4 inches

Steps to Make Holiday Curtain

Making this curtain doesn’t take long, but you might feel like you’re doing it wrong in the middle. The back fabric will fold over the top to form a header. This makes it feel like the pieces of fabric don’t match up when you’re in the middle of making the drape, but stick with it until the end.

  1. Cut Your fabrics according to the formula above.
  2. Place the right sides of the fabric together starting from the bottom. The back fabric will be longer at the top.
  3. Sew a 5/8 inch seem up both vertical sides. Stop when you get to the edge of the shorter side.
  1. Turn the panel right side out. Press the seems flat. This is a two part process. First, you press the sides of each fabric back flat, like a book. Second, press the seem flat. This will give your drape a more finished, flat edge.
  1. Turn the fabric back to right sides together. Sew a 5/8 inch seem along the bottom edge.
  2. Turn the panel right side out. (Optional tip: before you turn right side out I cut some of the excess fabric from the corners so that they can lay flat. Use a seam ripper to poke the corners flat after you turn right side out), Measure from the bottom of the curtain up. Mark the length of your window with a pin. Do this in several spots, just in case your edges are not even.
  3. Fold the back fabric over, it makes a small header. Turn the edge under and press. Check to make sure the rod fits in the top. Sew the final seam. Don’t be alarmed if it looks like your one side is folding over farther than the other side. This is easier to see in photos.

I like to hang my curtain with a spring rod because it’s easy to swap out. I pin back the corners with a tack, but you could use velcro. You could make this panel for a door and pin back the side to the door frame to reveal the other fabric.

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