Best Spinning Mop You Never Knew You Needed, Until Now

They say TikTok isn’t good for anything, except sucking up all of our time. Not True! Case in point, that’s how I discovered this spinning mop. I never thought I would be excited enough to write about a mop but I like to share any home maintenance tips that might help you out.

I don’t love cleaning the floor, but one of the features of this mop that makes it amazing is that it keeps the dirty water separate from the clean. What a genius idea. Why do you want to put your dirty mop back into the bucket full of dirty water and rub that all over your floor?

best spinning mop

First, let me say this is not a sponsored post. I don’t often get excited about cleaning supplies, but this mop is worth sharing.

Which is The Best Spin Mop to Buy?

There are many spin mops on the market, but the O-Cedar Rinse Clean mop has something unique about it. The bucket has two tanks. One for clean water, and one for dirty. I don’t know about you, but after the first time I dip my mop back into the bucket, it feels like mopping with dirty water. And, it is.

Best Feature of the Rinse Clean Spinning Mop:

  • Removable washable head snaps off to wash easily in the washing machine.
  • Dual bucket system keeps dirty water separate from clean.
  • Spin to wring feature so you don’t have to touch your mop head.

Worst Feature of the Rinse Clean Spinning Mop

  • Small mop head. The mop head is smaller than a regular mop, but if it were any bigger I don’t think it would work in the spinner. Most of the spin mops on the market have a different shaped mop head, but it isn’t really smaller. Here’s a standard mop head next to a spin mop head.

  • Cost – This was $45, which is a lot for a mop but that’s because the bucket is not an ordinary bucket.

Some reviews of the mop said the handle was too short, but it’s 48″ long. If you are six feet tall, maybe it will be too short for you.

There are two versions of O-Cedar mops. One doesn’t have the special bucket that keeps the clean water separate. The one with the blue and white mop head is the one you want.

Where To Find The O-Cedar Mop?

You can find the O-Cedar mop at Target or on Amazon.

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