Do You Miss Fixer Upper? Plan a Trip to The Silos

If you miss Joanna Gaines, this might be something that’s on your bucket list. If you don’t live far away from Waco Texas the Silos can be a fun day trip. But if you have some extra time, plan to stay a little. If this trip is too far for you, I’ve got ideas for you too.

Before Fixer Upper left HGTV, I loved to watch her home transformations. Chip and Joanna Gaines gave Waco a new brand (besides the Branch Davidians). They have been a blessing for the town of Waco, which has become a pit stop for shopping between Austin and Dallas.

If you’re planning a trip through this area, the Magnolia Market is worth a day. If you have the chance to stay the night there are some amazing places to stay (other than the B&B that was renovated on the show) and shop.

Is Magnolia Silos Worth the Trip?

If you love all things Joanna Gaines, yes. It’s a very large store and there’s an amazing baker just outside. For me it would not be worth a LONG trip, but it’s definitely worth a day trip. Especially since they expanded the shopping to include six more small shops called the Shops At The Silos in addition to Magnolia Market.

  • Chapter One houses a selection of paper and books.
  • No 16 is a collection of new and retro sporting goods.
  • Tried and True has a collection fo bags and jewelry (I really liked a lot of her jewelry and it’s inexpensive).
  • Vie bien aimee has an assortment of bath and body products.
  • Juniper + Crew has a selection of toys and clothes for kids.
  • Reverie is a clothing store, if you love the way that Joanna dresses, this is the store for you.

If you want to skip the drive you can get anything that’s in the store online. There are lots of goodies, dishes, vases, clocks, pillows, furniture, rugs, lighting, blankets and more. Here are some of my favorites.

Do You Ever See Chip And Joanna At the Silos?

If there is a special event, like a concert, maybe. Outside of a special event, your chances of seeing Chip and Joanna on your visit to the silos is somewhere between slim and none.

There are seasonal events at the Silos you can attend, but I wouldn’t go with the hopes of an autograph even during these. You CAN go and pick up your favorite items that you’ve seen in Fixer Upper episodes.

Best Time To Visit Magnolia Market

I recommend getting to the market before they open at 9AM. There can be a line and it’s best to be there when there are the fewest people. This is another place where the early bird gets the worm.

magnolia market outdoor queue

I recommend checking the Baylor football and basketball schedules before you go. The town fills up when there are home games and the Silos are much more crowded.

Where to Stay in Waco

Waco has some amazing B&Bs and small hotels if you want something outside of the norm. You can book a night at the Magnolia B&B, but be prepared to pay. The Carriage House, renovated in season three is $545 per night for weeknights. The Magnolia House rents for $795 for a weeknight.

I prefer the Green Door Lofts. Each unit has a unique style and the place is right in the middle of downtown Waco. Their rooms can fit lots of people if you plan a girls trip and they are in the $200s depending on which room you choose.

If you plan a shopping trip to Waco, you won’t leave empty handed. Waco has lots of independent antique stores and really great restaurants (although the Magnolia restaurant is not my favorite of these). You can spend at least a whole day and probably more.

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