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Do you want a modern/vintage look in your home or apartment? Lighting can be one of the easiest ways to transform the look of your space without an expensive renovation. If you like the look of vintage lighting but you want something with a modern twist, this post is for you.

The number of choices when you shop online is so vast that it’s overwhelming. Once you find a store that does one thing right, you can save time by only shopping in those one or two stores.

First I should say, this is not a sponsored post. My go to stores for vintage lighting on a budget are, and Ballard Design. Each one has a category of lighting that they do best, at a reasonable price.

You might wonder “Is Rejuvenation part of Pottery Barn?” Rejuvenation is one stores under the Williams Sonoma umbrella, and so is Pottery barn.

Vintage Chandeliers and Pendant Lights

Pendants and chandelier lights are most frequently something used in kitchens and dining rooms. This may make you think you can only use these if you own a home, but that’s not the case. There are plug in pendants that don’t require any wiring. You simply plug them into the wall and hang them from the ceiling with a hook.

Most of the fixtures below come in different finishes, brushed satin and polished nickel. In some cases they come in different colors, too.

  • Satellite 3 Chandelier – This one comes in satin nickel, polished nickel and black too.
  • Scout Chandelier – This is the one I eyed for a few months waiting for a sale. It comes in multiple finishes with shade color options.
  • Haleigh Dome Pendant – This light doesn’t come in any additional finishes, but there are similar pendants that do.
  • Butte Dome Pendant – This dome comes in white, bronze, blue and red.
  • Nehalem Plug in Pendant – This is a great solution if you live in a place you rent. You can still get overhead lighting without installing it.
  • Apartment Plug n Pendant – The name of this product really drives home the point that you can put it anywhere

Table or Desk Lighting

Lamps are one type of lighting you can buy just about everywhere. Even Target and Walmart have a large selection.

These table lamps have more flare and add a bit more style than what you will find in the average retail store. Lamps add a ton of character, and they can easily move with you to your next home, so it can be worth spending a little more than you would at Target or Walmart.

  • Donna Table lamp – This lamp has an oak wood base that comes in different finishes and the shade comes in different colors. It also comes in a floor lamp version.
  • Stand Drum Table Lamp – This lamp also comes in a polished aluminum finish.
  • Sullivan Table Lamp – Base colors come in red, black, green, white and grey.
  • Cedar Moss Table Lamp – Comes in brass and black.
  • Studio Desk Lamp – Comes in black, white and yellow and also available in a floor lamp size.
  • Crystal Cut Lamp – Comes in two sizes, this is the smaller one which would be perfect on a mantle or on a night stand.

Floor Lamps

I like to find one or two stores that do something well and limit my shopping to those options. I have different stores for floor lamps because I have found prices at Schoolhouse to be out of sight. Check out Ballard Design for some affordable floor lamps that make a statement.

vintage floor lamp

Floor lamps are a great way to get more light into a room when you can’t install any ceiling or mounted lights. Because they are so large they make a big impact. Almost every room could a floor lamp.

I’d love to hear about your favorite vintage lighting sources.

Vintage lighting on a budget

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