Green Living Rooms of All Styles

Did you know that you can have a green living room without putting green on your walls? In my series of living room color palettes, this is the green one that a few of you requested.

I’ve got examples of eight different green living rooms, everything from Mediterranean to Modern, and all design styles in between. There’s one in here for everyone. The most surprising one is towards the end.

Green Living Room Design Tips

Be Intentional with Color Palette

What I think everyone can take away from these living room examples is the color palette is intentional. When you look at these green rooms, it’s very clear that the people who put them together had a crystal clear idea of their desired color palette.

In many cases, you can see what sets the color palette in the room. Often the decor setting the color palette is a rug, a specific piece of fabric, or art. This is an interior design tip you can do in your room. If you want to use green, pick one thing that you love in the room and use it to set the color palette for the whole room.

Set a Mood

The other thing I want you to notice is the different moods of the room because green can be versatile. There are warmer shades of green and cooler shades of green. If you want a cozy space, you can lean into warmer shades of green. But, if you want a more calm and serene kind of feeling, you should lean into the cooler tones.

8 Green Living Room Examples

Let’s get started with each example of green living rooms in different design styles. If you want more help to pick your design style, see this design style quiz.

1. Mediterranean Style

The first one is a Mediterranean style living room. The color green is set with the wallpaper. It has a very warm feeling. The rest of the colors in the room are warm neutrals. 

Mediterannean style green living room

2. Dark Academia Style

In the second example, the color scheme is coming from the rug. This is a very dark, academic style living room. You could achieve the same sort of feeling without painting the walls all forest green because there are a few green items in the room. The design brings in green with the furnishings and the rug. It also has a very warm and cozy feeling to it.

rug setting green color palette in living room

3. Modern Style

Here is a more modern room that has a light color palette that’s being driven by the rug. You might start to see that as a pattern that a lot of designers use. The rug sets the color palette in the room. See how to use that tip here: using a rug to set color palette.

rug being setting green color palette in living room

4. Traditional Style

This next example is more of a traditional green living room. I think the color palette is coming from the fabric, specifically one pillow. You don’t need something big to set your color palette. It can be one piece of fabric that you love that’s used in a small way in the room. A piece of fabric is a great way tool to help you bring all the colors in the room together.

green living room with color set by fabric

5. Mid-Century Modern Style

This example is a Mid-Century olive green living room. This living room doesn’t have something clear in the room that is driving the color palette. This shade of olive warm green was used a lot in Mid-Century design and creates a warm feeling to a room.

mid century modern green living room

6. Traditional Style

This second example of a traditional living room is a perfect example to demonstrate how you can get a lot of green in your living room without having the walls be green. Note the walls in this room are a neutral color, but there still is a lot of green present. I think the color palette in this room is coming from the painting. Notice the painting has a lot of the colors that are being used throughout the room and is an intentional color palette.

traditional living room with green color palette set by painting

TIP: Use Color Multiple Times and the 60/30/10 Design Rule.

Notice when you’re looking at these examples of rooms the green is used in multiple places in the room. It’s not just used in one place, as are many of the other colors. Sometimes green is the dominant color and sometimes it is used as an accent color.

Learn more about the 60/30/10 Design Rule in this post: How Many Colors Should Go In Your Color Palette?

7. Eclectic Style

This is the living room that surprised me. This is an eclectic living room. It has pretty much every shade of green under the rainbow. I think its color palette is coming from the chair that has kind of a crazy green upholstery on it. It has lots of different shades of green that they pulled throughout the room.

eclectic style living room

I think that this room could be just as effective if the walls were white. You still use several different shades of green. 

8. Victorian Style

The last one is a cool kind of Victorian green living room. This one has a very calm feeling to it. Notice how the green sets the feeling of the room. 

How to Build Green Living Room Color Palette

If you’re looking to build your color palette around green, the first step you need to take is to plan your space. You can either do that on a piece of paper or you can do it electronically. It’s important to space plan to see what pieces fit in your space before you start to think about the color of the pieces.

If you want to try doing a floor plan on a piece of paper, I’ve got a free tool. The tool lets you print out all the different furniture pieces. Just cut them out and easily move them around on the piece of paper to space plan.

floor planning tool living room

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