Need to Hang a Bathroom Mirror

If you have a new wall mirror for your bathroom the ideal height depends on a few factors. Bathroom design is trickier than most rooms because everything inside has to be functional as well as beautiful.

When you are buying a new mirror for your bathroom you have to consider these things: 1.) counter height, 2.) the highest part of the faucet, and 3) mirror size and shape. If you have a high ceiling this doesn’t determine the height of your mirror.

You want your mirror to look right in proportion to the bathroom vanity.

bathroom mirror height

One thing I can say for sure is that there is no standard rule that applies to every mirror. Generally, when you hang anything on the wall, like wall art, aim to have the center be at eye level. This is the only rule that applies to every mirror.

How high to hang bathroom mirror? The answer is simple, aim for the center to be at eye level. Adjust based on your vanity height if you need to. See real life examples below.

Bathroom Mirror Height Examples

As always, a picture is worth a thousand words. I am sharing photos of mirrors that are hung in the right place, but all are at different heights. These images will help me to illustrate what IS important about how high to hang your mirror.

I set a pink tape measure to help you see the height.

Notice a few important things about these bathroom vanity mirrors:

  • The height of the mirror above the vanity is different in every bathroom.
  • Small mirrors need to hang higher.
  • A tall mirror need to hang closer to the counter or vanity
  • The mirrors are all hanging at a height that has a center point at eye level.
  • The shape of the mirror impacts the placement

You can see in these pictures that there is no such thing as a standard height. The MOST IMPORTANT rule is really the center point of the mirror. Mount your mirror so that the center is at eye level. This is the general rule for optimal mirror height for round mirrors, oval mirrors and square mirrors alike.

The rule of thumb for the mirror height above vanity: aim for the center of the mirror at eye level. Adjust as necessary for your countertop height and faucets.

Click to see a short video, with even more examples.

What Is Eye Level?

Are you wondering who’s eye level to use? The easiest way to decide is to use the average person’s height. That’s around 5’6″ in the US (women’s average height is 5’4″ and men’s is 5’9″). Said another way, eye-level is 60 to 65 inches.

bathroom mirror height

Don’t use the eye level of the tallest person or the shortest person because lots of different people will stand in front of your mirror. There’s an exception to this rule. If the mirror hangs in your master bathroom and no one else will use it, make sure the center of the mirror placement is at YOUR eye level. Taller people you should set the mirror at the higher end of the range.

Medicine Cabinets

A medicine cabinet with a mirror is a great way to get a mirror and storage in one piece. This is a special bonus in older or small bathrooms. See a few affordable medicine cabinets here.

bathroom mirror update

How high to hang your medicine cabinet is a little bit more complicated. Inset medicine cabinets are mounted between studs. This means they go back inside the wall. This can be a deciding factor in the height.

This was the case in my house when I bought it. The medicine cabinets were lovely, but they were mounted so high that I couldn’t see my face. I’m not kidding. Once I removed them, I discovered why. There was something structural behind the mirror that prevented them from hanging it lower. If this happens to you look for a medicine cabinet that can be mounted outside the wall.

Frameless Mirrors

A frameless mirror used to be a standard feature in every bathroom. These have become less popular, but there are still reasons to have them. They are so much larger. If you really want to see yourself in a mirror, this is the way to go. They are relatively inexpensive, too. Here’s a nice looking example where they build a frame around the frameless mirror.

frameless mirror

If you want to hang a frameless mirror, you can start the mirror almost right on top of the countertop. These tend to be thinner and the issue of running into the faucet is not really a problem.

A good rule of thumb for frameless mirrors is to keep eye level in mind. You can use the backsplash height as a guide for the bottom. Mount the mirror 2-3 inches above the backsplash.

Mirrors Over a Double Vanity

If you have a vanity with double sinks, both mirrors should be at the same height even if one person is much taller. Use eye level as the guide for your vanity mirror height.

What About The Vanity Lighting?

This is another factor that can dictate the height of your mirror. You CAN move lights above your vanity, but this might require an electrician. It’s less expensive to choose a mirror that fits your within your lighting.

If you have a center light, use a wide mirror. If you have side sconces, long and narrow works better.

Next time you’re getting ready to hang a mirror in your bathroom think about the height like you would any piece of artwork. Keep the center at eye level, that’s the only rule you need.

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