Cheap Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Do you have a mirror in your bathroom that is too small or one that only shows your forehead like mine? Switching out your bathroom mirror is an upgrade you can make whether you live in a home or an apartment. You can find bathroom mirrors for as low as $59. Changing your mirror can really change the way your bathroom looks.

If you rent, stash the old one that came with the apartment and put it back up when you leave. It’s no harder in most cases than hanging a picture.

This is my before mirror (I can see roughly the top three inches of my head), but it’s also stained a dark brown which doesn’t coordinate with anything in the room.

bathroom mirror update

Determine The Size You Need

The first step is to determine what size will work in your space. The least expensive option requires that you get a mirror that fits within any existing plugs, switches, lighting or anything else on the wall where the mirror will hang. I recommend measuring the space at least twice before you buy, because mirrors are expensive to ship if you have to return it.

In my case there were all kinds of obstacles, plugs, lights and switches. I opted to not move any of these because doing so would require an electrician. The bottom of my mirror is about 4’10” from the floor so I can’t even see my eyeballs in it (since I’m 5’1″).

Choose a finish for your mirror

Now that you know what size, the next thing to choose is the finish. Unless you are redoing your entire bathroom, take clues from the materials that are in your bathroom already. What color are you faucets? What color are the fixtures like your vanity? There is no rule that says you have to choose one of these colors/materials, but it will make your bathroom look more cohesive.

Changing faucets and fixtures is expensive. Even if your current finish doesn’t go with the trend of the moment, it’s far less expensive to get something that blends in with what you have. For example, right now shiny chrome is not the trendy finish, but you can get a more modern mirror that goes with chrome.

You can also choose a painted mirror, like white or black and ignore the finish of your fixtures. The nice thing about wood mirrors is that the trim is easy to paint if you want to change it. You could do a color like navy blue or blush pink if that’s a color you want to bring out.

Best Budget Friendly Sources For Mirrors

If you prefer to buy in person, the best places to shop are Target or Bed Bath and Beyond. For shopping online I like Ballard, Overstock, Pottery Barn Teen (often cheaper than the main PB) and Shades of Light .

Patching the wall

Even if you measure perfectly and find a mirror just the right size, you might find you have some patching to do afterwards. Whether it’s a hole or a larger space, patching drywall is something that’s pretty easy to do.

Here’s a helpful video with lots of tips depending on the size hole you need to patch.

Try replacing your bathroom mirror to give your bathroom a budget friendly update. If you do, share a photo of your efforts in the comments.

Give your bathroom a new look just by changing out the bathroom mirror.

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