9 Creative Ways To Use a Vintage Birdcage

Do you have a birdcage? The vintage birdcages can be used in so many different ways.

I found one at a flea market and I wanted to share a few ideas for how you can use them in your home d├ęcor. As I was looking for inspiration I found they work in so many different ways, whether you have an old birdcage or a brand new one.

Decorative bird cages are probably not something you will see in a very modern home. They lend themselves to more of a cottage vibe.

Great Ideas for Using Birdcages

  1. Potted plants holder – You could use real plants or faux.
  2. Table centerpiece – A birdcage gives your table a romantic look. You could use fresh flowers inside, real plants or add a block of floral foam and make a small faux arrangement.
  3. Wedding decoration – Birdcages can be used for wedding cards (like this one), as a place to hold favors or as one of the unique accent pieces on a gift table. They can also be used as wedding centerpieces.
wedding birdcage

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  1. Mantel spring decor – Birds are a sign of spring. Adding a birdhouse to your mantel or bookshelves is a great way to decorate for spring.
  2. As a light source – If you add a set of string lights to your birdcage it can be one of your light fixtures in a living room or bedroom.
  3. Candle holder – If your birdhouse is metal, you can light the candle, but if it’s wood you should only use LED candles. This is a cute set of birdhouses from Wayfair.
birdcage with candles
  1. Halloween decoration – Halloween is a great time to put a blackbird inside. It’s a spooky decoration especially if you spray paint it black.
halloween birdcage
  1. Hang inside a window – Most birdhouses have a loop at the top and can be hung from a chain. Some even come with a stand.
  2. As a topiary – If you remove the base and place the birdcage over a potted plant it can act like a topiary (as in this example).
topiary bird cage

If you are looking for a vintage birdcage, or even a look-alike you can find great ones below. There are so many great options on ETSY, but also a few surprises in regular retail stores.

If you keep your eyes open you will see them in antique stores and at Chairish regularly. The shipping can be pricy if it’s a large decorative bird cage, just like shipping a piece of furniture.

If you like the look of a birdcage, but you don’t have the space there are some really creative old book pages with birdcage prints that have a vintage look. Here’s an example from eBay or this one from Olivergal comes in different sizes.

Practical Tips For Loading an Empty Birdcage

One thing you might not be thinking about is how to get decorations into your birdcage. Before you purchase a birdcage, be sure that the base has a large enough opening to get the decorations inside. Flower boxes might be tough to squeeze inside.

When I was loading my cage up with twinkle lights the opening is small. Practically speaking, most people didn’t want their birds to get out. I had planned to put a terracotta pot inside, but the removable grille is not large enough.

Word to the wise: consider the size of the opening.

If you come across a birdcage at your next garage sale or estate sale, pick it up! There are so many ways you can use it.

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  1. I have a beautiful, large birdcage out in the barn. When you come and visit, I need to show it to you. I feel like I should be doing something with it!

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