How to Clean A Faux Fur Fug: Keep It Fluffy and Luxurious

Faux rugs are a fun accessory to use for so many things. But what do you do when your faux fur rug gets dirty? I use my faux fur rug as a dog bed so it gets dirty all the time.

Here are a few tricks to clean your faux fur rug, but first a few warnings.

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DON’T wash your faux fur rug in the washing machine unless the label specifically says it is MACHINE washable. This can shorten the life of your faux rug and make it look and feel different. If your rug says it is machine washable don’t wash with other things, wash on the delicate or gentle cycle and don’t put in the dryer. It is best to air-dry your rug.

BEWARE of rugs that say they are washable but in the fine print is MEANS hand washable, not machine washable. That was the case with my rug. The product title included the word washable, but the care tag said HAND WASH ONLY.

DON’T use a regular vacuum cleaner on your faux fur rug. You can end up ruining the rug. You can use a hand vacuum or the hose from your vacuum.

The steps to clean your rug depend on these two things – 1.) size and 2.) substance (what you are cleaning off your rug).

How to Clean a Small Faux Fur Rug

The best way to clean small rugs depends on the dirt, is it actual loose dirt or a spill?

Dirt & Debris

To clean dirt or loose debris start by taking your rug outside and shaking it out. Anything that won’t come out can be vacuumed with a HAND vacuum.


If you are trying to clean a small area on the rug, you can spot-clean it with mild laundry soap or dish soap. I find it’s quicker to fill a bowl with soapy water than to use a spray bottle.

For larger spills, the best way to wash it is to hand wash the entire rug in cold water or lukewarm water in the sink or bathtub. You can use a mild detergent or dish soap. If the spill you are cleaning is greasy, use a grease-cutting soap like Dawn and hot water.

After you wash your rug, ring out excess water and hang to dry or dry on a flat surface. It can take up to 24 hours for a rug to air dry.

How to Clean a Large Faux Rug

If your faux fur is large the best method for cleaning it is spot cleaning.

Dirt & Loose Particles

If you are cleaning dirt off of a large faux rug you can use a hand vacuum or the hose attachment for your regular vacuum. The regular vacuum head can destroy the rug. Use an attachment that divides up the suction as much as possible.


For most spills you can use cool water and mild soap and a sponge or damp cloth. First, blot up the spill if it is liquid. The next step is to pour a small amount of soapy water onto the rug and rub until the spot is gone. Then try to blot up all of the liquid.

Most faux fur is made of synthetic materials that are possible to clean. Taking them to the dry cleaner is not necessary or even preferable.

White faux fur rugs can be cleaned with a liquid oxi if the stain is something that would normally stain. However, I spilled coffee on my white rug and it washed right out with soap and water.

It can take a long time for your faux sheepskin rug to dry. Be sure to blot out as much water as possible. You can use a hair dryer if you are in a hurry.

How to Prevent the Loss of the Original Texture

The best way to keep your rug’s fluffy appearance is to be gentle. Don’t scrub with a brush or be rug too hard. I don’t like to use fabric softener because it builds up (and it’s got too many chemicals that I don’t like).

Treat the rug’s surface almost like you would real hair. Faux fur rugs can give your space a luxurious look without the price, so they deserve a little TLC. They feel amazing on bare feet, so enjoy.

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