Unveiling 2024 Paint Colors! Dos and Don’ts

The Color of the Year for 2024 just came out is something for you?

Everybody loves to look at the new trends each year. One of the things that’s exciting about it is it tells you what’s going to be showing up in your favorite stores.

Benjamin Moore Blue Nova

I’ve got some helpful do’s and don’ts so you can look at these colors and decide if any of these work for you. Read to the end to hear the most important don’t, but first let’s talk about color palettes.

And why do you even care? Deciding on your color palette is one of the most important things that can set your home apart because it makes your house look like a collection of things that you meant to buy and not just a random assortment of things that don’t really go together.

The biggest benefit of deciding what your color palette is, is that you save money. You don’t just buy random things that you see when you’re out shopping.

So now let’s see what the colors of the year are.

Benjamin Moore Color(s) of the Year

First up, Benjamin Moore with blue Nova. If it wasn’t called Blue Nova, I would call it Perry Winkle.

benjamin moore blue nova

Benjamin Moore made sure to cover all their bases by getting more than one color. Topaz and Pristine are runners up.

This gorgeous Reagent green with Dove are also stunning.

regent and dove

And I really like this Antique Pewter with Pristine. There is literally something for everyone.

pristine and antique pewter

Pantone Color of the Year

Pantone’s color is peach fuzz. This warm peach color is a contrast to all of the neutrals we have been seeing for years. You can see it here already making a show at Spoonflower (my favorite place to find gorgeous fabrics).

Pantone peach fuzz

Sherwin Williams Color of the Year

Sherwin Williams color is Upward. I love this pretty blue.

Sherwin Williams Upward

Do’s and Don’ts of Trendy Colors

  • Do use these colors to inspire you because you’re going to see when you go shopping, they’re going to be in fabrics and upholstery and pillows.
  • Definitely do use these colors if they already are in your home because it’s going to be your time to buy because the merchandise will be plentiful.
  • Do use the colors if you’re thinking about redoing a room already. And one of these colors really speaks to you. For example, one year my son said I really want to paint my room and it was the year that green was everywhere. Do we use the color of the year green? No. But there were a lot of choices when it came to pillows and bedding.
  • Don’t look at these colors if you’re thinking about moving or selling your house in the next year or two. Because realtors will tell you, you don’t want to trendy color when you’re getting ready to sell.
  • Money Saving DON’T – Here’s the thing that’s going to really save you, don’t buy the paint at the manufacturer. More on that below.
  • Do go to the manufacturer site and take a look at the colors of the year because they’ve all given you color palettes using these colors. It’s a really easy way if you love the color to come up with a color palette. Here’s an example of the colors suggested for pairing with Blue Nova.
Benjamin Moore colors that pair with blue nova

I’ve painted a lot of rooms and a lot of furniture. If you plan to do it yourself. Go to Home Depot because the paint at Home Depot, the highest level of Marquee paint has really great coverage.

You can get any of the Sherwin Williams colors, or the Benjamin Moore colors made at Home Depot.

The more you hone in on your palette the more your home begins to look like an intentional collection of things that you care about.

And who doesn’t want that. If you’re struggling with your color palette, check out this post on four hacks for choosing your color palette.

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