Farmhouse Dining Decor

Are you looking to update your dining room before the holidays? Fall is the time of year when your dining room moves up the priority list of rooms to work on. You will probably have guests at least once and this is the place where everyone gathers.

If you want to have a farmhouse style dining room on a budget, this post is for you. I’ll walk you through all the must-haves for a farmhouse dining room and give you a complete list of items you can buy to get the look yourself. This includes five key elements: a table and chairs, a rug, lighting, window treatments and accessories.

There is no need for custom furniture in today’s world of online shopping. The size, color and style options available off the shelf are practically unlimited. But, maybe you don’t have the time to shop for all pieces make up the dining room of your dreams. That’s where I come in.

Choose one item you like in this dining room, or choose a variation if you want something slightly different that better fits the shape of your room. This gives you a great starting point to reduce the decision fatigue of online shopping.

If you have TOO many choices for what to buy, sometimes it’s easier not to choose anything. That’s a struggle that many of us have when we want to decorate our homes. If that describes your frustration with decorating, try out this farmhouse look without shopping around for hours.

Choosing a farmhouse table

A farmhouse dining room has a very rustic feel with lots of wood and natural elements. These tables fit with that farmhouse style and they are all reasonably priced. You can choose the one that’s the right size for your space, or if you need help finding a table for your space, ask a question in the comments below. .

  • Overstock Farmhouse rustic table – This table is 63 inches long and only $489. It comes in several finishes, grey, off-white, barnwood and driftwood (pictured here).
  • Target Clearwater Extension table – This table has a built in, self-storing extension and it’s only $189. It’s a Christopher Knight table, he always has nice looking furniture pieces. It’s 50 inches long without the extension.
  • Ikea Skogsta table – This amazing table is for larger spaces. It’s 92″ and only $449. It feels very sturdy and much more expensive.

Farmhouse Dining Chairs

Once you have the table it’s time to select chairs. It adds a layer of interest to your dining room if you use different kinds of seating. For example, you can use head chairs that or different or a bench on one side. Farmhouse tables can accommodate a bench, which allows you to seat a few more people. If you have the budget for it, I like to put upholstered chairs at the heads of the table.

Farmhouse Dining room rug

Even if you don’t have a separate dining room, your dining room will look more decorated if you put a rug under your table. Why you ask? A rug does two great things. First, it makes the space feel more warm and adds texture. Second, it defines the space.

If you are worried about spills, have no fear. There are so many rugs these days that are either easy to clean or so expensive that you can replace them if for less than $200 if you need to.

Before you choose a size, measure your dining room space. The rug should be large enough for the table plus 24-36 inches on every side so the chairs can slide easily away from the table and still be on the rug.

Farmhouse lighting for the dinging room

Lighting can really make a difference in a room. Design rules say that every room needs threes sources of light. A chandelier is a great way to get a lot of light and style.

Farmhouse Art

Nothing says farmhouse more than word art or caligraphy art. You can get custom word art to match whatever strikes your fancy. For example, I searched for Bon Appetit, since it’s a Dining room and I found tons of options. Even ones that can be printed at home and framed later.

Botanicals are also great for the farmhouse look because they have that natural look.

Farmhouse Accessories

You can’t go wrong with a plant or multiple plants in every room. There’s a vendor on Etsy that has great looking faux trees and they have tons of good reviews. Other accessories that work in a farmhouse dining room are candles, lanterns and anything wood.

Farmhouse Window Treatments

Eindows look complete if they have both a drape and a shade. For a farmhouse look, the window treatments should be light and neutral. If possible, get a window treatment that lets in lots of sun light. You can use blinds for privacy and the drapes as texture and decoration.

  • Ikea Vilme Linje for $40 – I love Ikea curtains because they are such a bargain, they are long and the price is for a pair. These are a new style. They are 98″ long, so they are likely to be long enough for your window.
  • Ikea Lenda curtains for $25 – I have these hanging in my dining room with clips (instead of the using the tabs).
  • Arlo Blinds – These come in all kinds of finishes and sizes.

Complete Farmhouse Dining Room

If you want to transform your dining room to a farmhouse look, try using these building blocks to get you started. If you have questions about your dining room specifically, like what size table or rug will fit, as a question in the comments.

farmhouse dining room

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