Holiday French Toast and Why I Love Trader Joe’s

Have you ever heard a great idea from a Trader Joe’s employee? Unlike regular grocery stores, I feel like people who work at Trader Joe’s really know the merchandise. I frequently check out and the person behind the counter will say “I love this, it’s great if you do this”.  

At all of the big chains, if you asked the checkout person how to prepare something you are likely to get a blank stare. Not so at Trader Joe’s. They can speak intelligently about almost anything.  

This recommendation of how to serve something happened while I was shopping today. I was buying a mini Panettone and the cashier said, “this makes great french toast”. I was getting it for my son for breakfast anyway so I decided to try it.  

Panettone is an Italian sweet bread that is great in all sorts of breakfast recipes. It can be used to replace regular bread in french toast recipes or in a panettone french toast casserole.

Three Reasons To Shop At Trader Joe’s Every Week

1.) Price. Trader Joe’s has the lowest prices I’ve seen on things like organic meat, dairy, and vegetables.

2.) Trends. Trader Joe’s stays up with all of the most popular trends in food. For example, since gluten has become unpopular they have released delicious cauliflower pancakes and gluten-free crackers. Another trend is goat dairy (instead of cow), which they also have in many products.  

3.) Size. Trader Joe’s is small enough that you can do all your shopping in 20 minutes. I love that. They don’t have a huge selection of any one product, but sometimes too much choice is a bad thing.  

Ingredients for Panettone French Toast

  1. Whole eggs (1 per person served)
  2. Panettone bread (3 slices per person)
  3. Milk or cream – I use about 1 tablespoon per egg
  4. Butter
  5. Powdered sugar

Preparation Steps

This is such a quick and easy recipe.

1.) slice Panettone into thick slices (this is easier with a serrated knife).

2.) in a shallow dish mix together 1 egg (per person) and /18 cup of milk or cream. You can add a little vanilla extract to this mixture if you like.

3.) Dip slices of panettone into the egg and milk mixture

4.) Heat butter in a large skillet and sauté the slices of bread in a single layer until they are golden brown. I like to smash the bread as it cooks.  

5.) Serve with powdered sugar, warm maple syrup, or whipped cream if you like, but it’s already a little sweet.  

My son gobbled this up and it was so quick. Using this Italian type of sweet bread really is a better way to make french toast. Try this for breakfast during the holiday season. Thank you Trader Joe’s.  

What great suggestions have you gotten when shopping at Trader Joe’s?

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