Bedroom decorating Mistakes to avoid, with pictures

I’m going to share bedroom interior design mistakes.  If you’re looking at your bedroom and you just don’t love it, check out the list.  One of these common design mistakes could be what’s keeping your bedroom from feeling amazing.

This post was inspired by my mom. She has always had beautiful home, but over time her bedroom is so full of furniture that you almost have to shimmy around the bed. Don’t feel bad, she doesn’t read ANY blogs, even mine. Her bedroom could easily go from a 4 back to a 10 with just a few free tips.

If you are just getting started with your bedroom read how to furnish a bedroom in four easy steps.

1. Not enough light – You need more than the prewired ceiling lights even if you have a lot of natural light.  Various light fixtures giving ambient lighting make the bedroom feel cozy. Pendants, bedside lamps or wall sconces are necessary, and I love to use a floor lamp if there is limited room for furniture.  Every room needs three sources of light, including the bedroom.  

2. Wrong size rug – You want an area rug that is the right size for the room, which means when you step out of bed, your bare feet should land on the rug.  If your rug just sits at the end of the bed, it feels like you settled for a rug that is too small.   Read more about how to get the right sized rug for your bedroom.

3. Bed is too big for the room – You should have 18 inches minimum on all sides of the bed.  This leaves just enough space on the side of the bed for a nightstand or floating shelf.  

4. Not enough texture – Texture can come in different forms.  You can add texture through window treatments, rugs, upholstery, bedding, throw pillows and even wall hangings.  You can also add an upholstered headboard with slipcovers you can change with the season.  Read more about how to make a headboard slip cover here.   Your bedroom is the one room that you really want to feel cozy and texture can help a room feel warmer and more comfortable.  

5. Matchy bedroom furniture – Bedroom sets where the bed, nightstands and chest of drawers all match make the space look very generic.  I’m sure you can picture what I’m talking about.  It’s a good idea to mix up your furniture pieces rather than having everything match.  Adding individual pieces you like can have a huge impact and can still provide an overall cohesive look.

6. Too many pillows – While it is fine to have layers of pillows, if you have more than 5 pillows that’s not practical or functional.  2 pillows to sleep, 2 more pillows and one lumbar or center pillow.  You don’t want to have to put all of these on the bed every day and take them off.  It starts to look like a catalog rather than a bedroom that you actually live in.  

7. Matchy bedding – If you get all of your bedding in one fabric, the comforter or duvet cover, the decorative pillows and sometimes even the bed-skirt this makes your room feel more ordinary.  

8. Scale is off – If you have a large bedroom, you can have larger bedroom furniture.  If you have a smaller room, keep the furnishings on the smaller side.

9. Choosing colors that are too vibrant  – Bright colors like red, yellow, orange are not always the best choice for a bedroom.  You want to choose a color scheme with cooler tones like blues and greens that are more relaxing.  Try to use the less saturated version of the colors that you like.  The best way to accomplish this is to use greyed or muted tones instead of the brightest shades or bold colors.

10.  Too much furniture – You need a bed, bedside table/shelf, and maybe a dresser.  You don’t need more if it doesn’t fit. It makes the room feel cramped and uncomfortable when you try to jam too much in the bedroom. 

11.  Multi-function bedrooms –  If possible, keep your desk or your workout equipment out of the bedroom.   It’s hard to make the bedroom a place of relaxation when you have too much clutter.

A bedroom makeover does’t have to be expensive or time consuming.  Just a few small changes can make a huge difference in the overall feel of your room.  I hope this helps your address the most common bedroom design mistakes so that you can make your bedroom a relaxing oasis.  

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