10 Minute No-Bake Cheesecake Mixes

I don’t write often about desserts because I can’t don’t make them very often. I can’t stop myself from polishing off dessert if I have it in my house. It’s like when the cake has an uneven slice, and you have to even it out. That’s why I made individual cherry crisps – no leftovers.

This weekend I went to a conference, and Mad Dash Mixes was there to share their quick and easy dessert mixes, which you could make in a gluten-free version (see below). They let us taste test their no-bake cheesecake mixes. I sampled several of them, the plain, key lime and pumpkin spice.

They were so delicious and so great for a last minute dessert that you can make in just 10 minutes. I’m sharing the cheesecakes, but you should check out their other mixes because they are great to keep in the pantry for quick entertaining. They have dips, soups, seasoning mixes and salad mixes. I was able to sample several at the event I attended and they were all delicious and quick.

I also love the fact that this is a small, woman owned company. This is NOT a sponsored post.

mad dash cheesecake mix

Ingredients for Pumpkin Cheesecake

  • Mad Dash Pumpkin Spice Mix
  • 16 oz Softened cream cheese
  • 8 oz cool whip
  • 8 inch graham cracker crust (see notes below for a gluten free version)

Directions to Make Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake

Soften cream cheese and add the pumpkin spice mix. Blend until it’s combined. Fold in the cool whip. Spread over crust and chill.

For a gluten-free crust, you can buy gluten-free graham crackers. Crush them until you have 1 3/4 cups of crumbs. Add one cup of melted butter and mix. Press into an 8-inch pie pan. Chill for at least 30 minutes.

pumpkin spice cheesecake

How to Spice Up Your Cheesecake – Different Serving Ideas

If you want to serve these as individual desserts you can make them in parfait cups like this.

If you want some alternatives to take it up a notch, try serving the cheesecake slices with optional toppings and let your guests choose how to top their own. A few ideas are melted caramel, pecans, crushed Oreos, whipped cream, or fresh fruit.

You don’t have to wait to serve this delicious no-bake pumpkin cheesecake for the fall, you can serve it any time and it only takes 10 minutes to throw together. You won’t believe how delicious it is.

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