Where to Find Original Art On A Budget

Do you want something unique for a wall in your home? Thanks to the internet, you can shop for original art from the comfort of your home.

There are websites like Minted, Society6 and Arfully that have loads of artwork, but they may not be one of a kind. If you really want something that no one else has, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can find oil paintings, acrylic and water colors that are one of a kind for a few hundred dollars on Etsy.

See if any of the artists below spark your curiosity. I tried to share my favorites in many different styles and mediums. I bet if you buy one piece, you will see what a difference it can make and you’ll be addicted to the idea.

Why Should I Buy Original Art?

There are a few reasons that I like to buy original art. I like to buy it to remind me of places I have been. When I’m on a trip I always keep my eye out for something original (and not to big) to bring back.

The other reason to buy original art, is that it’s one of the few things you put in your home that no one else will have. This can make it so intimidating that you never actually buy that piece of art. You want to find just the right piece that says something about you. Don’t let the pressure of finding the perfect piece of art stop you from buying a painting that is good. When the price is reasonable (a few hundred dollars) it’s enough to find something that you like.

My favorite artists on Etsy

Etsy has loads of artists. I have tips below for how to find art that you like if you don’t like any of these.

Arttide on Etsy

I found this artist, Arttide, from listening to a design podcast I like called “Decorating Tips and Tricks”. She has an Etsy shop with 5 Stars and her artwork is abstract and large. She has a lot of black and white art, abstract city scenes, sea scapes and abstract skies. She has a section called “done and ships now” which has artwork that is complete. Her artwork is large and very reasonably priced.

I’m eying this abstract for my bedroom because it is both blue and grey, but I also love this cityscape.

I choose every product I review. I may earn an affiliate commission if you buy from one of the product links, at no extra cost to you. This income supports this site. See the full disclosure.

AlisaAdomsoneart on Etsy

This artist paints in watercolors. She has lots of floral paintings and animals. When you order from her you can personalize a painting if you choose to. Many artists on Etsy will paint an animal, home or person from a photograph. She will paint a custom portrait of a person or an animal and I think her animals are really good.

Original Painting on Etsy

The MeiShengart shop on Etsy has more traditional style oil paintings. This shop also has five stars on Etsy. The artist has lots of beautiful landscapes, more modern geometric oil paintings and beautiful oceanside pieces. Their collection is affordable and worth a look if you like oil paintings. The artist is in China, but don’t let that scare you. I’ve ordered art from other shops that came from all over the world and as long as you don’t need it in 2-3 days, it’s not a problem.

CeciliaRossLee on Etsy

The artist who painted the canvas on the right I found on ETSY, but he only had a few prints and now he is gone. I say this only to tell you that you can still purchase from artists with very few reviews and still get great artwork. I wanted a Paris street scene in an area in Paris that we had stayed near.

I don’t know of another platform where you can find this variety. Try searching for a spot you’ve visited and you’ll find amazing results. When I was looking for similar art to share I found CeciliaRossLee. She had lots of pieces that I love around Paris.

canvasandpaperstudio on Etsy

I purchased a peony painting from this artist in the Ukraine. I think it’s my favorite piece of art in my home. She made it the exact size that I needed to fit into my gallery wall. She does both oil and watercolor art and she can custom paint your home.

Tips For Finding Artists On Etsy

If you want to find your own art on Etsy here are my tips for how to do it. First, and most important, is to narrow your search before you begin. For example, search for “floral original painting” or “abstract water color”.

My second tip is to look at reviews. Reviews on Etsy aren’t specific to the product, they are specific to the seller. When you see a review count, that is the total number of reviews for that seller, not the item. I like to go with artists that have good reviews (4 or more stars) . I also like to look at artists that have more than 5 reviews.

how can I get cheap original art?

If you don’t want to shop on Etsy there are other ways to get inexpensive original art. Here are a few places to buy art in person. I don’t like to go to an art gallery, because the prices are typically much higher.

  • Find local street fairs in your town or near by. Try searching Goolge for your local city and the word Art Fest and Art Fair. Chances are there will be one happening near you and it’s a place where local artist go to display their work. The prices are usually reasonable and the subject matter is often something meaningful near where you live.
  • Go to flea markets and thrift stores. I love flea markets and they are a great place to find original art. Read here to get my tips for getting the best deal at a flea market.


Art is one of the things I buy for a room after I have everything else. For me this usually means I don’t have a huge budget to buy it. I still like to find something that is one of a kind, even if it’s something small. Try buying a one of a kind piece of art for your home. I promise you won’t regret it.

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