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This is my first official dining room in any house and I think it’s my favorite room. If you like any of the things you have seen in my dining room, here’s where you can find them (or something very similar). I hope it helps you.

dining room

I will start by telling you that some of the things in my dining room were flea market finds. I love my dining room chairs so much that I have had them reupholstered them at least three times. I included some chairs below that I love, if I hadn’t found these.

The hutch in my dining room came from Facebook marketplace and you can ready about how I repainted it and wallpapered the back of the hutch.

On the windows I used bamboo shades from Amazon and the Lenda curtains from Ikea that I adapted.

Click on any of the links or images below for full product details 🙂

If there are specific things that you want to know that aren’t shown, please reach out to me in the comments.

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