Les Puces de Montreiul: One of three Paris Flea Markets

There are three regular flea markets in Paris, Les Puces de Montreiul, Puces de St-Ouen and market at Vanves . 

Les Puces de Montreiul is the least popular of the three. This flea market is mostly used junk.  Of the three major flea markets that run every weekend in Paris, it is the least interesting one. 

If you want to see locals, this market is full of them.  This is the least touristy market.  It’s a good market to hit if you want to get practice haggling using another language.  It’s also a good place to get your feet wet at asking for the price.  I found both of these things a little scary.

This is NOT the market to find lots of antiques.  It is the market if you’re the kind of person that likes to sift through boxes of stuff looking for a hidden treasure.  There is no guaranty you’ll find it. 

Hours of Puces de Montreiul

This market is open Saturday and Sunday from 7am to 730pm.

How to get to Puces de Montreiul

The easiest wat to get there is using the metro.   Take M9 Strasbourg Saint-Denis line and get off at Porte de Montreuil.  The market is just a short less than 5 minute walk from thee. 

As you walk to the market you’ll walk past lots of people hawking their wares on the ground.  This is NOT the market.  Keep going until you get to all of the white umbrellas that are over tables.  This is the market. 

Here’s a taste of what I saw.  My impression as I walked around was, is this it? I must not have made it to the REAL flea market. Needless to say, I didn’t find anything very tempting. The first photo is the road that leads up to the market, look for the umbrellas.

This is the market for you if you really like to dig. If you’re looking for clothes this is a good market or basic home goods, there’s a lot of that too. It’s not much of a collectors market.

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