Feminine Office Decor Ideas

Do you want to bring some feminine touches to your office? It’s possible to bring some glamour to your office even if it’s a cubicle, or just a desk inside the closet.

Think about how many hours you spend working. It’s worth it to really feel good about the space you work in. An organized and nicely decorated office space can even improve your productivity, don’t just take it from me.

If your office is a place where someone else provides the furniture, there are some budget friendly touches to bring that you can also take with you when go to your next office. Try one of these five feminine touches to bring some style to the office.

1.) Fur Throw on the Floor or Over a Chair

Fur can be a very feminine touch and it’s unexpected in an office. There are some great inexpensive faux furs that work well in front of your office chair (not under) or thrown over the back of the chair.

2.) Elegant Desk Accessories

Your desk is often the focal point of your office area. An easy way to take it from generic to chic is to add some more stylish desk accessories. Bonus, these things are easy to move if you change jobs or work spaces and they are inexpensive.

Even something as small as a pencil holder or desk organizer can add a small personal touch to your desk. The variety in this area is overwhelming. I recommend searching by finish, like copper, or rose gold and then adding the accessory you want.

3.) Art For Your Office

If you have the luxury of hanging art in your office space think about who else comes into your office. If your space is shared or public, it might be better to put up something that is not too personal. Think about the artwork you see in offices, it’s usually something abstract or generic.

That doesn’t mean that it has to be boring or bland, just don’t hang lots of personal photos. For inexpensive artwork I like to look at Minted and Artfully. There are lots of choices that are feminine, but not too over the top if you are in a public space.

4.) Plants in Cute Pots

If you have natural light, you have the opportunityt to keep a real plant in your office. If not, don’t despair there are some great fakes. A cute pot is brings an extra feminine touch to your plants, especially if they are fake.

5.) Lamps and Lighting

Overhead fluorescent office lighting can be so terrible. To overcome that industrial feel (if you are not at home) bring some of your own lighting. Even a little bit of light from a lamp, or multiple lamps if you can swing it, will make the space feel much warmer.

Amazon has some amazing deals on lamps and the best way to find them is to search for the material you want “ceramic lamp” or “copper lamp”. You can find two lamps including a shade for as low as $30 (FOR TWO).

Try adding a few of these more feminine touches to your office and see how it affects your mood at work. You might find that you are calmer and more rpoductive.

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