How to Create Nook in Any Small Space On a Budget

Do you have a space where you could squeeze in a small nook?  It doesn’t take more than about three feet to fit a small table and chairs and it’s just enough space to have coffee. Or maybe your extra space is perfect for a comfy reading chair. 

Nooks can created in any kind of in between spaces like hallways or transition walls.  They can work in an area where you leave one room to get to another.  Nooks can also fit in the corner of a room that’s separate from the main area.  The space for my nook is inside my kitchen, in a corner just before the hall. 

If you are looking to create a small nook in a room, follow these steps.

How to Create a nook

Nooks are really small areas that are separate from the rest of the room.  They can be the perfect place to curl up and read a book.  They can also be a great place to have a drink or catch up on emails. 

Type of Nook

The first thing to decide, is what type of nook works in your small space. 

  • Breakfast nook – This type of nook has a table and one or two chairs.
  • Reading nook – Nooks designed for reading are usually comfortable seating and sometimes storage for books.
  • Desk/office nook – You may be able to squeeze a nook into a closet, or any spot large enough to hold a small desk and a laptop.

Nook Look

Once you know the type of nook you want to put in your small space, decide what type of feeling you want your nook to evoke?  Here are a few examples:

  • cozy and comfortable
  • bright and airy
  • functional
  • sophisticated

Once you have the feeling, think about what style you like.  Is your style modern, industrial, minimalist, farmhouse, etc.  If you combine the feeling with the style, you will have an easier time furnishing your nook. 

Now that you’ve got all the specifics it will help you make your vision a reality.  In my case, I wanted a bright and airy, minimalist breakfast nook.  Once I put those words together, you can almost picture it.  If you want a bright and airy mid-century modern reading nook, you have a pretty good idea in your mind what that looks like. 

Mid Century modern reading nook from Walmart

This is a perfect example with a chaise lounge from Walmart

measure your space

Before you start moving furniture or buying anything be sure you break out your tape measure. 

If you feel like judging spaces is hard for you, you can also use large pieces of newspaper.  Block out the space where you will put the furniture.  This can help you to see if there’s enough space to get around your nook.  You don’t want it to feel too cramped or in the way. 

I really needed a table that was 36″ or less across and two chairs.  Anything more could block the cabinets right next to the small space and make it feel crowded.   Here is my blank space before.  Blank wall ready for breakfast nook


Furnishing your nook

Once you know the style, feel and size constraints, start by shopping your house.  Maybe there’s a small table or an extra cozy chair you could move into the space for your nook.  If the furniture is already in your house, it makes it easier to drag things into the spot and see how they look.

If you can’t find furniture in your house and you’re on a budget, a great place to look is always Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.   You can find some great deals there.  I’m always on a tight budget (and I’m just tight), but I didn’t want to spend more than $200 on my light and airy minimalist breakfast nook.  I didn’t have any furniture that would fit.

The style and feel choices that you made above can make shopping online so much faster.  Go to the retailers that you like and trust and put in your style and size, along with the name of the furniture you are looking for.  

I searched for small, modern pedestal table.  The thought you put in up front can really shorten your shopping time and save you money in the long run. 

Enter this adorable white round table from Overstock.com.  It was easy to assemble, and I assembled it with my 87 year old dad.  It was much easier to assemble on top of another table.

I wanted two pretty small scale chairs to go with the table because, as you can see, the space is not large.  I found these two mid-century modern chairs at Overstock.com.  They were also easy to put together, especially on top of another surface.  My mom laughed because she said these chairs were popular when she was first married, because they were inexpensive.  What’s old is new again.

defining the space

If you feel like your nook is missing something, try to define the space as separate.  A great way to accomplish this is by adding a rug.  Rugs can really help spaces to feel pulled together and complete.  


Do you have a small space where you would like to put a nook?  Before your go shopping be sure to think about the type of nook you want, the feel and style and how big your space is.  These steps can make finding the perfect furnishings for you nook much easier. 

I used to have a dark wood round table in my nook.  I knew this table looked dark and too large, but I picked it out in a hurry without following these steps and there it remained for years.  Why did I wait so long? 

If you have a small space in your home to add a nook, don’t wait.  Take the time up front to follow these steps and you will be happier with the end result. 

Breakfast Nook on a Budget

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