Your Floor Planning Tool is Here!

 ✅  Print and cut just the pieces you need

✅ See how your furniture looks in a different layout without lifting a finger

✅ Try out the fit of furniture and rugs before you buy

To use it just print out on a letter sized piece of paper. Cut out the pieces that match your furniture sizes. Draw a rectangle that matches the size of your room in 1/4″=1.0′ scale. That means every 1/4 inch on the page is 1 foot.

For More Information About Space Planning

Don’t spend $1000s on furniture that you aren’t sure fits in your space!

Buying furniture can be overwhelming, but you need to determine the best layout BEFORE you press buy.

Furniture is next to impossible to return.

I offer a floor plan done for you if this feels too confusing. I lay out your furniture in an online tool that we can manipulate together. $199, but since you’re a new subscriber you get a discount code for 50% off, just use discount code “newplan”.  

To purchase, just click this link.