How to Clean Hard Water Spots on Corian Countertops

If you’re a homeowner with solid surface countertops, specifically Corian counters, you know that since they cost a pretty penny you want them to stay sparkly like are when they are new. Corian surfaces are known for their durability and design they can be susceptible to certain types of stains, particularly hard water stains.

But there’s good news: It’s possible to maintain the pristine condition of your Corian countertops without much hassle. This post will guide you through a simple process using easy steps to ensure your countertops remain like new.

I live in the country and my water has all sorts of minerals that leave hard water spots.  I recently built a house and have white Corian kitchen countertops.  On the surface they look clean, but the other day I caught a glimpse of my countertops with the sun streaming through the window and they are covered with water spots.  

water spots

I tried just wiping them down with soap and water, but no luck, the water stains were still there.  This drove me crazy so I went on a quest to figure out how to remove the hard water spots from Corian countertop. 

Understanding Your Surface

Corian is a high-quality product developed by DuPont Corian. Unlike some countertop materials, it boasts a non-porous surface, which means food stains, rust stains, and other tough stains don’t penetrate easily.

Depending on your design choice, you may have a matte finish, a glossy finish, or even a gloss finish. Each type of countertop finish may require slightly different cleaning methods.

Cleaning Hard Water Stains

cleaning methods

I did a head-to-head comparison of 6 different cleaning methods; white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide (straight up and mixed with water) CLR, Bar Keepers Friend, Viakal and Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.  

I have also seen recommendations for using a baking soda and water paste, but it would take a lot of paste to cover my countertops so that’s not something I tried.  

  1. White Vinegar:  I tried white vinegar on a small area.  After rinsing with water & drying completely the hard water stains were still visible.  That was a fail.
  2. Hydrogen Peroxide: ​I tried a mixture of hydrogen peroxide with water as well as straight hydrogen peroxide.  This didn’t remove any of the water spots.  
  3. Bar Keepers Friend:  I use this product to clean lots of surfaces so I decided to try it on a small area of my countertops.  I didn’t go crazy scrubbing, but just gently washed in a small circular motion, then rinsed and dried.  While it did remove the water spots, it seemed to leave a dull finish
  4. CLR:  ​I have used CLR to remove hard water stains on my glass shower doors, so I decided to try it on my Corian countertops.  After applying it I let it sit for a few minutes then rinsed and dried.  CLR removed the water spots without leaving a dull finish on the countertops.
  5. Viakal:  ​This is something recommended for removing hard water stains.  It is a gel, which I like, and per the instructions after application it should sit for a few minutes.  After rinsing and drying the water spots were still visible.  Very disappointing.  
  6. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser: I was not expecting the mr. clean magic eraser to be successful at all, but it did a decent job removing the hard water spots.  I was pleasantly surprised

What to Avoid

  • Strong Chemicals: Acid drain cleaners, oven cleaners, and paint stripper are a big no-no for Corian surfaces.
  • Abrasive Cleaners: While soft scrub can help with minor stains, avoid using an abrasive pad or strong detergents.
  • Special Mention: Do not use window cleaners, strong chemicals like oxalic acid, or harsh chemicals on your Corian counters.

Maintaining smooth surfaces like Corian is not difficult once you’re familiar with the dos and don’ts.  

I saw the best results with CLR, Barkeeper’s Friend and the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, but I plan to keep looking for other cleaning solutions.  

The moral of the story is, if you have hard water it pays to dry your countertops completely after washing them so hard water stains don’t have a chance to set in. 

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