Thanks for Coming!

If you’re here that means that you’re interested in working on the layout of a room. This is one of the most important parts of good home design.

There are some great free electronic tools you can use, but if you’re a paper person, you’ve come to the right place.

How to use the PDF

Here’s how to use the free furniture planning tool so that it works for you.

  • Measure the length and width of your room
  • Grab a blank piece of paper and draw a rectangle that is this size:
    • Length of the rectangle in inches is equal to length of your room divided by 4. Example: 16 feet long = 4 inches.
    • Width of the rectangle in inches is equal to width of your room divided by 4. Example: 12 feet wide = 3 inches.
  • This makes the rectangle the scale that most designers use, 1/4″ = 1.0′. Now that you have a room drawn to scale, print the PDF.
  • Start cutting out the furniture items that match the size of the items in your house and play with the inside your rectangle.

Want an Electronic Floor Plan Done For You?

If you don’t feel like the paper option is really giving you the answers you need, I have helped many people with electronic floor plans.

If you’re interested in that, I offer electronic floor planning. Since you’re a new subscriber, you can get your floor plan for 50% off the normal price. Just use the discount code “newsub”.