Jump Rope For Beginners Workout

I’m not an exercise blogger or a medical expert. I’m only sharing this in case there are others out there that have the same feelings about exercise as I do. That is to say, I really hate to exercise.

I believe exercise is necessary because it makes my mood so much better. I have quarantine to thank for this discovery. Before 2020 I was doing good to get 2 workouts in a week, and they weren’t very challenging.

jump rope for beginners workout

Since quarantine began I gained back a lot of time I had been spending commuting. I decided that something good should come of this. I wanted to try to become a regular exerciser. Living with someone who exercises a lot was really motivating for me.

Jumping rope fit my three criteria: 1.) It’s very quick and can be complete in 30 minutes or less, 2.) It can be done inside and 3.) It isn’t inexpensive.

Equipment For Beginner Jump Rope Workout

This is kind of a joke, but all you need for a jump rope workout is a jump rope. I like to use a timer, but the one I have is free. This is the jump rope I bought because I could adjust the length to my height.

The app I use is called IntervalTimer. It’s free if you don’t mind ads, but they are barely noticeable. This app lets you customize a set of intervals. You can change the length of the intervals (high and low), how many intervals and the warm up and cool down time.

I don’t even wear sneakers when I do my jump rope workout, just socks. The logic behind this is that it’s easier to jump and not catch the rope on my bare feet than when I have shoes on. I think that it is good for foot strength too, but I have no medical proof to back this up.

Where to Start with Jump Rope Exercise

Jumping rope is not easy. I requires coordination. If you can’t do a bunch of jumps in a row, don’t feel bad. The more you try the better you get. It’s like anything in life right?

The first thing I tried was counting how many I could do in a row, but that was really boring.

Then I started to use intervals. I started off with 20 seconds jumping and 20 seconds resting. I did 10 intervals. If you do the math, that’s only 3.3 minutes of actual jumping.

As soon as that started to get easy I increased the high interval by 5 seconds. Trust me there will come a time when the number of seconds you spend jumping gets easier. I’m up to jumping for 1 minute 40 seconds with a 35 second rest. I like to stretch during the rest intervals.

I read a few articles that suggested starting off with jumping for 10 minutes straight. This was NOT POSSIBLE for me. Don’t feel bad if you have to work up to it. Just jump until you feel like you can’t jump any more, rest and repeat. I feel out of breath by the end of each interval.

key to jump rope success

For me there are two keys to success. The first one is that I do it BEFORE I have coffee. there are two reasons for this. I’m older and my bladder isn’t what it used to be. If I drink coffee first, I have to go the bathroom in the middle. Second, I use the coffee as my reward for the exercise.

If I do the jump rope exercise first thing, that makes the rest of my day SO MUCH better. Gretchen Rubin calls this habit stacking. I love her book Better Than Before.

The second key for me is music. I’ve developed a playlist of songs with a beat that makes it easier to keep time and really gets me going.

Why Jumping Rope Is Good Exercise

Jumping rope is good exercise because it’s so efficient. Once you get better at it you learn that you really don’t have to jump very far off the ground. If you do it inside on a rug it’s not as jarring on your knees and ankles as running. It also burns lots of calories, even more than running!

It’s also good for bone density, which you might not be thinking about if you’re under 50. You can also do it even when you’re on vacation, because it’s easy to pack.

Here are two articles that outlines the befits of jumping rope.

If you decide to give it a try send me a message and let me know what you think. I’m currently trying to master alternating foot jumping.

jump rope routine for beginners

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