Do you need help getting your blog off the ground? No one can see your great content if it’s in a word document on your computer. For many people, getting the blog set up is the hurdle that keeps them from getting started.

I want to help you get your blog started so you can get your content out there for the world to see. I can set up a blog for you in just a few hours. Here’s what the package includes (and if you don’t understand the technical jargon, just email me).

  • Get install and set up WordPress software for you. I only do setups using This means you have to pay to host the site with a hosting company, but it’s better in the long run.
  • Load a Restored 316 theme for you (average price for a theme is $75). These themes are easy to customize and they have excellent customer support if you have questions down the road.
  • Get Google analytics set up on your site.
  • Set up a home page for you.
  • Set up navigation on your page, this is the menu.
  • Set up basic plugins (software that works with our theme), including one that will keep your site secure.
  • Get the SSL certificate loaded onto your site, which makes the site secure.
  • Set up your post titles to be search engine friendly, which makes it easier for Google to find your content.

Here’s what I need from you before I can begin:

  • Access to your hosting company login (if you don’t have hosting I can set this up for you after we talk about what makes a good hosting company and which one to choose.) If you prefer, I can tell you where to point the domain yourself.
  • Access to your domain company login
  • Three photos that you would like to have on a home page. If you don’t have photos we can use stock images. Getting the site up is the most important thing.
  • Text for your “about us” page – Here’s a good article to give you ideas about what makes a good page.
  • The names of the categories you want in your menus
  • If you have posts written I will load the first three for you
  • A phone number.

To purchase the beginner setup click the button below and I will contact you to set up a phone call.

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