Gardening Enrichment

I keep track of my gardening budgets and financing. Gardening has yet to pay me back for everything I have put into it, at least financially. What gardening gives back to me, not just in produce is natural spirituality, education, and exercise. These benefits cannot be counted in dollar and cents.

This spring I was in amazement in some of the plants that came back to life. I struggled last year to grow mint in the ground or container. This year there are small sprouts coming up in several spots in the garden. It is a pleasant surprise to have some plants reviving after the cold winter since I have been late in my spring plantings due to the new rush on our bathroom renovation.

We are changing all of our beds this year for better placement and durability. The most original wood we used has rotted away.

This is the first year that we added trees: plum and a peach tree. Plus added to our rhubarb and asparagus beds.

strawberry plant
rosemary bush

plum tree
peach tree




Bathroom Remodel

It’s been a busy couple of months. Work and home projects have collided into a no free time type of situation. The bathroom remodel has picked up new steam with an upcoming appraisal. Last time we left off the bathroom was a hole in the ground. Since then, new plumbing and electrical has been laid, and the holes filled in. Studs have gone up, and drywall is being added. The bathroom remodel required us to move some walls around, so we added a closet and laundry room remodel to our list of projects.

What I love about tackling my home improvement projects myself I always learn new skills and improve on old ones. My drywall skills have vastly improved from my last remodel.

WARNING: Poorly lit photos ahead.

Bath Demo
DIY Tile Insets
DIY Laundry Room

Laundry room cabinets
Drywall Closet
Shower Drywall

Brilliant Brass

Brass has been increasingly popular over the last year or so. It makes a great accent color for March. Add a metallic sheen to your home this month with brilliant brass. Another great way to bring new life into your current furnishes is utilizing spray paint. Rustoleum has a great Gold and Brass metallic color that will give you this effect.

Brilliant Brass Inspirations


  1. Armillary Sphere from World Market.
  2. Metallic Pillow from Pier1
  3. Cameo Necklace from Mod Cloth
  4. Chemist’s Lamp from World Market.
  5. Brass Table from World Market.
  6. Brass Kiwi from Crate & Barrel (I can’t resist an animal sculpture)
  7. Glass Lamp from Target.
  8. Kohler Brass Cabinet Pull.
  9. Cabinet Knob from IKEA.


Gardening in February

Even though it has been unseasonably warm lately I won’t be planting anything yet. February is planning and prepping season. I like to gather materials when they go on sale and plan my spacing accordingly. This year we look to improve majority of the beds, and adding some plants we have never grown before:

  • Leeks
  • Garlic
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Turnips
  • Lemon Balm
  • Lavender

Wince we are remaking most of the beds, we will also be changing up majority of our layout. When you change plant layout, it is good to check what plants work well together and which ones should stay far apart. Tomato and basil not only taste good together, they grow well together too. It is sunniest in my northeast corner so that will work great for my tomato and pepper plants. We have had trouble the last two years with squash bugs, so for this year no squashes (so bummed!).

My husband and I are also adding some flowers this year to act as a natural pest deterrent, garlic is also effective against many different pests.

Below is an initial layout of our garden for next year. We don’t have it all figured out, but we will fill in the blank spots as we go along. We have high hopes for our brussel sprouts and edamame this year.

Basil, saves us the most money out of anything else we grow. It is great in sauces, pasta, and of course pesto!

Preliminary plans for our 2015 garden