Judging by the Label: Whiskey

I love the smooth taste of whiskey mixed the smokey woody flavor of the barrels that they are aged in, but sometimes I like to judge a bottle by its label. Bird Dog Whiskey

Bird  Dog Whiskey, delicious as it’s beautiful.

Jack Daniel's Sinatra Whiskey

Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select by Cue

Justin McClure Whiskey gift

A Holiday Gift from JustinMcClure.TV by Duct Tape + Glitter (Now Justin McClure Creative) A local creative company that does amazing video & creative.


Woodinville Whiskey

Woodinville Whiskey by David Cole Creative

Lockhart Tennesse Whiskey
Lockhart Tennesse Whiskey

C.T. Lockhart Tennessee Whiskey lives up to its history  with the secret-like packaging. Designed by Trevor Rogers


Migrant Malt Scotch Whiskey
Migrant Malt Scotch Whiskey

Migrant Whiskey by Chad Michael



Promineo whiskey


Promineo Whiskey also by Chad Michael

Inspired by Jessica Swift

I love to buy gifts by artists and designers. Jessica Swift create beautiful products. Her vibrant colors, mixed media, textures, and shapes create beautiful artwork in your everyday life. It is easier than ever to have beautiful weeks of art embedded in you style. Jessica’s art makes me want to incorporate more color and layering into my own designs. No man is an island…inspiration has to come from somewhere. There are a variety of shapes that she uses in repetition in her work, but it all works cohesively with similar vibrant patterns and break up the monotony of the daily grind. She has so many different products to choose from it is easy to find something for everyone on your list.

Jessica Swift Celebration Print
Jessica Swift Crow Magic
Jessica Swift Hamsa Spirit
Jessica Swift Hamsa Joy

Jessica Swift It takes Courage to grow up and become who you really are Postcard
Jessica Swift Estillita iPhone Case

Joy to the World Card by Jessica Swift
Original Mixed Media by Jessica Swift

Candy Cane Ornament by Jessica Swift
Shalimar Rainboots from Jessica Swift

How to Fix Christmas Lights

Icicle LightAfter spending two days setting up my Christmas lights, I go to plug in the lights and an excited grin spread on my face as the lights began to twinkle. I come back an house later to look out my window and see all is dark. My lights were broken. I had no idea what was causing it, after several conversations with my dad and this helpful youtube video, I realized it wasn’t a bad light at all, but a blow fuse. The best way to tell is to take your multimeter set it to 200 VAC and while you light is plugged in, stick the red and black end of your multimeter into plug at the end of the string. You should read 112 Volts, and if you don’t it is most likely the fuse.

To fix the fuse you will need to (photo steps are below):

  1. Unplug it. Gather a fuse either from the hardware store or you should have received two spares when you bought your light set, and a screwdriver.
  2. Using the screw driver push the “open” door out to expose the fuse.
  3. You will now need to remove the fuses so that you can test them with your multimeter. You can do this with your screwdriver or a needle.
  4. Set your multimeter to 200 ohms. You will put the red on one side and black on the other side of the fuse. If the meter reads “1” the fuse is bad, any other number an the fuse is fine.
  5. In my case I needed to change both fuses. Pop the new fuses into place (you may need your handy screwdriver again. Pop the lid on the fuses, and plug it in to test. Lights should be on now!

(In my case I can to repeat this routine twice, lesson learned, use more extension cords. You can’t keep plugging icicle lights into each other)

Everything you need to fix your Christmas lights

The materials you need: broken lights, spare fuses, and screwdriver.

How to fix a fuse on your Holiday Lights
Fuses Exposed- How to Fix Christmas Lights

Push open the panel to expose the fuses.

How to fix your Christmas lights: Multimeter settings for testing a fuse
Testing a fuse

Test your fuses with the multimeter on 200 ohms. If it reads “1” that is bad!

How to fix Icicle lights

Yay! Working lights!

December Color Inspirations

December brings to mind Christmas holiday parties with green, red and vivid jewel tones that create festivity. Cream is a wonderful neutral to offset the saturation of the holidays, and add some peace and calm to the season. This milky color reminds of all the tasty foods (liked whipped cream in hot cocoa) and the banks of snow covered in a warm glow. So have some fun at your parties this month with this light colored neutral and give it some pops of color if you are feeling a little washed out.
Color of December 2014: Cream


  1. Wooden Floral Wreath from Target
  2. Linen Curtains also from Target
  3. Erin Chair and Love Seat from World Market
  4. Sheepskin Rug from IKEA
  5. Tufted Bench this would look great with a cardigan or blazer
  6. Flowy Blouse
  7. Ceramic Owl
  8. Gilded Napkin
  9. Purse

Fall Grilled Cheese

We still have fall for a few more weeks of fall, and these grilled cheese are just the ticket!

Fall Grilled Cheese

Pear, Bacon, Swiss Cheese, and Cream Sauce--Grilled Cheese

Fall Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Whole Wheat Bread (bread choice is up to you)

1/2 package of Cream Cheese (room temperature)
1/4 cup Gorgonzola
Dash of Honey (optional)

Pear or Apple (sliced)
Cooked thick cut bacon
Swiss Cheese (sliced)


Step 1: Mix cream cheese, Gorgonzola, and honey until fully mixed. Spread onto 2 pieces of bread.

Step 2: Add sliced fruit, bacon, and cheese.

Step 3: Heat up skillet to medium. Add butter into pan until melted.

Step 4: Add your sandwich and cook until golden brown and cheese is melted. And enjoy!