Links for Halloween

I have said it before, Halloween is my favorite holiday. Pinterest makes it too easy to come up with great ideas for decorating your home for the holiday whether you like  goth, vintage, cute, whimsical or fall harvest, finding the perfect link is possible. I have been feeling very eclectic this season. These are just some of my favorite spookily festive pins lately:

Halloween Tree
Fall Tree

I love the multi-use these traditional Christmas trees can get with a few bats, ribbon, and halloween sprigs. I will be trying this style out this year. Thanks Ella Claire for this wonderful idea.


Bat Cake

A beautifully simple cake that I can use the bat shapes that I had made previously.

Mini Alcohol Favors - Love Potion

These “Love Potions” are a prefect party gift at your Adults Halloween Party.

Halloween Candy Display

A very sweet centerpiece.

Weekend Roadtrip

Lat week I took a little trip with my husband to Kansas City. Merriam, Kansas had recently opened an IKEA and I was excited to go see what all the fuss was all about. It was amazing (especially that chocolate cake)! IKEA is not the only new venue the area had to offer.

  • The new Cocoa Dolce store at Prairie Fire is worth a visit (love those french macarons).
  • My first visit to a Pizza Studio, what a wonderful concept of designing the pizza you want to eat.
  • Our favorite burger joint, Blanc: Burgers & Bottles,¬† has tasty options of Gouda fries with bacon, truffle fries, Kobe burger with IPA Bacon jam, and the inside out burger are especially amazing.
  • Not far from Blanc is a must visit Murray’s Ice Cream locally made ice cream that is a family favorite, but bring cash they do not accept credit card.
  • I always take a visit to the paper source to get more envelopes and specialty papers.

French Macarons
French Macaron

Pistacio Ice Cream

Fish Paste
Apple Juice

IKEA trip

Gathering My Seeds

In order to sew my seeds for next year I need to save seeds this year. Collecting seeds, in general, is pretty simple.

There are a number of plants that you can just let dry up on the plant. Dill, Lettuce, Okra, Beans, Peas, Soy, Cilantro,

Then they are others that you will remove from the center of produce: tomatoes, peppers, pumpkins, squashes, watermelon. These you will need to remove from the produce, wash, and let dry out so that you can store it for next year.




I just use small glass jars left over from my wedding, but I have heard of others using wax paper to make small bags to hold the seeds as well. You just need a small container to protect the seeds from the elements and store in a cool dry area.